The Truth Behind

Marijuana Legalization


Legalizing marijuana is a very controversial issue in our country, with many states supporting and not supporting it. I look it as another item to be taxed and make money on it to support our economy. It has never caused a single document death and has been poven less dangerous than alcohol and many other drugs.
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20 Billion Dollars

That is the estimated amount that states will spend enforcing marijuana laws over the next 6 years. Imagine what could be done with that money! Better schools, better healthcare, and more tax money in citizen's pockets!
In 2012, Colorado citizens voted to enact amendment 64, which allows adults 21 and over the right to legally possess six plants, possess all of the cannabis produced from those plants, posses up to one ounce while traveling, and give up to one ounce to other adults 21 and over. The amendment considers marijuana to be regulated much like alcohol and cannot be used in public or while driving.
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Using Colorado as an example, the state taxes the sale of recreational marijuana sales and will then have extra money just from the passing of the amedment. According to Huffington Post, Colorado will reach 1 billion dollars in the sale of marijuana, 600 million coming from recreational sale, and 134 will be associated with taxes and fees.
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  • When comparing marijuana and alcohol, it is the clear choice that marijuana is safer over the two. According the CDC, there are more than 37,000 deaths associated with alcohol use and the CDC does not even have a category for deaths by marijuana use.
  • The American Scientist published that hundreds of deaths occur each year due to alcohol overdose and that is one of the most toxic drugs, while marijuana is much less toxic and has never caused a single documented death.
  • Alcohol is directly associated with cancer and causing cancers such as liver, pancreatic, and colon. Marijuana has never been linked to causing cancer and has been legalized in some states to be used medicinally to treat the side effects of cancer treatment!