GM food will promise many health benefits!

  • Potential for a lower calorie and saturated fat content and will hold higher nutritional content and can address the growing problem of obesity
  • GM crops will use fewer pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, therefore will be safer to eat
  • Can address malnutrition in LDCs and will infuse nutrients into their single staple crop
  • Can infuse vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin A into rice creating golden rice that will address vitamin A deficiency that kills two million children each year and causes another 500,000 children to go permanently blind

Farmers will reap the benefits from the new biotechnology!

It Will Help the Environment!

  • The new genetically modified plants do not need additional pesticides due to their modifications
  • This will reduce the residual pesticides on crops and in soil that kill wildlife and permeate groundwater and natural streams

Greatest Hope for Tackling World Hunger

  • GMOs are primarily based off of research and innovation and they believe that the only way to meet the current demand is through innovation
  • GMOs believe they will out produce conventional farming on the same amount of land and by planting crops on land that could never be used before