Native American Movement

Alex James

The Native Americans had ten times the national rate for unemployment. Their main goal was to gain economic opportunities for all Native Americans, Reservations where they can live, and Native American Civil Rights and better education. They needed help from everyone that was willing which included Tribes, Federal programs, Social Services, Law enforcement and health services for Native Americans. This movement was necessary for them so that way they could have more income for their families a better education so they can achieve more and their rights so they can continbue to live on their reservations.
AIM was i militant group that thought the government was too modest in their efforts. They played a major role in the movement. Their most famous protest took place at Wounded Knee South Dakota where U.S troops killed hundreds of Sioux in 1890. In February 1973 AIM members seized the town for 70 days they were demanding the government to keep their word of past agreements.

Other groups such as the Hopi and the Navajo tribes objected land leases to mining companies that scoured lands and displaced families and posed a threat to sacred places because tpo them in their religion they arent supposed to take from the land and thats what the gov3ernments doing.

They eventually starting winning some of the requests they have been asking for. In 1975, Congress passed the Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act. They had also won several court cases involving land and water rights.