Rail Roads - Transportation

By: Austin McMaster

Apart of the Transportation Revolution

Railroads were a very important part of the transportation revolution. They allowed many people to get around easily and fast. Although, many people didn't use the rail roads because it costed money. It didn't cost a whole lot but many people didn't want to pay.

  • Steam-powered trains had first been developed in Great Britain in the early 1800s
  • Americans were passionate about these rail roads
  • Most British rail roads, for example, ran on straight tracks across flat ground. In the United States however, many rail roads had to run up and down steep mountains, around tight curves, and over swift rivers.
  • Wagon travel started off faster but wagon travel can't keep up with the pace of a stream trains
  • About 30,000 miles of rail road were built and linked to almost every major city in the Eastern United States