From Mocha to Java

By: Kaylee Hamilton, Sarah Ismaili, Abby Harrell

The Hearth of Coffee

Coffee started in Ethiopia. It first diffused to Arab countries around Ethiopia. This is an example of expansion diffusion because it expanded off of Ethiopia to surrounding countries. From these places, they expanded to across the world. Potatoes originated in South America to Europe.

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Contagious Diffusion:

Coffee has also been passed along from person to person and its popularity has spread throughout the world from this. Coffee first began in Ethiopia, but then it spread to Arab countries around Ethiopia.
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Coffee Varying From Culture to Culture

The meaning of coffee varies from place to place. In the Finnish culture, coffee is very important. They go through more coffee than the US. Coffee fits in with many customs and rituals of the Finnish culture. Coffee in the US is used mostly for energy, but in other countries it is used for pleasure (such as many places in Europe). In places like Brazil, coffee is mostly known for the jobs it creates to harvest it. Some many be harmed in this process, but it creates a wide variety of jobs for the people in the countries that harvest, roast, and package these products. In the end, coffee benefits most people.