Tanuja Bhadreenaught

By Alicia Minott 8E

On an early Friday morning on October 4th 2002, Tanuja Melissa Bhadreenaught was brought into the harsh world from the Trillium Health Center. Tanuja grew up in a house in Mississauga, Ontario with her mother, Jagwattie Bhadreenaught, her father, Bhadreenaught, and her older sister, Yasoda who is 22 years old. Jagwattie works as a supervisor for a warehouse. She looks after things and other people. Bhadreenaught is a handy man. He basically fixes things that aren’t in best terms. And Yasoda goes to school at the UFT (University of Toronto). Jagwattie and Bhadreenaught were originally from Guyana but then moved to Canada where Tunuja was born and has been there ever since.

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Growing up, Tanuja has only been to two places out of the country. Tanuja and her family would go and visit their home country, Guyana, for close family and friends’ weddings. She’d also go out to New York a couple of times to go see her aunt and uncle. Still being 13, Tanuja has many opportunities and time in the future to visit many other places in the world. A couple of locations she’d love to travel to and see someday are Ireland, Paris, and Florida to go to Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter because Harry Potter is her favourite series. There are also places that she’d find very amazing to live one day went or after she is 18. A few areas she’d like to live in are London, Australia, and Los Angeles.

In school, Tanuja is mostly into drama, music, art, and gym. She is also does fairly well in creative writing in the language arts department. The school that she attends is “The Valley’s Senior Public School,” but before that, she attended “Thornwood Public School”. When Tanuja grows up, she would love to teach music. She believes that she can be that teacher who can motivate the students to do their best in everything that they do, which is the best a teacher can do. Regarding that, she is talented in both instrumental and vocal music so she wouldn’t mind teaching either one of them.

In her spare time, there are a variety of activities Tanuja enjoys doing such as reading, listening to some music, having some screen time, drawing, and singing. Tanuja is really into book genres like mystery, fantasy, and romcoms. As mentioned, her favourite series is the “Harry Potter” series by J. K. Rowling and her favourite book is “The Perks of being a Wallflower” written by Stephen Chbosky. When it comes to music, she really likes rock/alternative, R&B, and a few pop hits. The few artists and bands she enjoys listening to is One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Halsey, and Troye Sivan. Tanuja likes to go on YouTube and watch some television. The youtubers she likes to watch are Dan and Phil and Connor Franta. And the television shows she likes is “Grimm” and “Teen Wolf”. Some things she enjoys doing with her friends is watching some movies and talking. She mainly just likes to have a casual time with friends. Although there are many things she loves to do, there is also a faire share of things she doesn’t enjoy so much. Waking up in the morning and presenting about certain stuff, like herself, is a few of the things she doesn’t like to do.

Speaking of disliking things, everybody at least has one thing that drives them bonkers. Tanuja has a reasonable number of pet peeves. When people show no respect is one thing that really bothers her. Especially went they do it on purpose. Another thing that gets on her nerves is when people chew with their mouth open. It is just flat out disgusting to her. In life, there will at least be one person at some point who will just inspire you in the best way possible. Tanuja’s inspiration is a fellow youtuber named Connor Franta. Aside from being a youtuber, there is so much more to him. He is her inspiration because he is really nice and is an amazing person. He loves to help people and has a big heart and he always puts others before himself making him a sweet and genuine selfless person. Something the two have in common is that the both adore photography. Tanuja loves taking pictures. She said, “When you take a picture it’s like you’ve stopped a moment in time. And now you have a physical copy of that moment.” She loves to see the pictures and remember the memory that came along with it. The idea of capturing something or someone’s beauty gives her a wonderful feeling. Connor Franta also believes the same thing and he is very talented with photography which is another reason he inspires her. She would one day like to be as good as him. Connor Franta is everything she aspires to be. Our world is a strange place. Sometimes life is enjoyable and other times it can just tear us down. In life, we are always given a reputation or a title. Weather it is on something you once said, did, or acted. Sometimes the message we want to send out to people about who we are doesn’t always come out the right way. And this surely has happened or will happen in some point in life. Or other times there is just something that a person would want to let someone know to make a difference in something. The one thing that Tanuja would want people to know is that people have to start taking others’ feelings in consideration. Some people just say things without thinking if it will hurt another person’s feelings or if it’ll be offensive. She thinks that if a group of people are being inconsiderate, they can put others on a low state of mind and possibly themselves too.

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There is still so much to discover about Tanuja Melissa Bhadreenaught and still more for her to discover on her own. But for now, people will just wait and see the person that she will soon become to be.