Looking For A Hard Working Cowboy

By: Tanner Clatt


In order to qualify for this job, you need to have great skills and knowledge. For this job you will need to be a great rider, and qualified at herding cows, and taking them all the way on the trails up North.

You need to be a very quick thinker if something ever happened while you were going down the trails herding the cows to the North, You will be taking almost 1.5 million cows up the trail.

Responsibilities and Duties

A day of life as a Cowboys drove millions of cattle of Texas to Kansas and points beyond. They took some of the cattle to the slaughterhouse, but most were sold to ranchers who were building up herds. You will need to show me that you are responsible enough to work for me, I will be making you do a test try to take cattle a certain distance to see how you will do. If you pass you are ones step closer to becoming a Cowboy for me.

Challenges and Obstacles

If you are hired for this job, you will end up coming a crossed some tough difficulties, like bad weather or obstacles blocking the path to the destination. It will be pretty tough to over come the open range because we can't graze our herds on the governments land for free charge anymore. We will have to survive with the herds in the barbed wire fences.


The benefits of being a Cowboy, is riding the horses, and wrangling the cows and traveling with the 1.5 million cows in the herd to the destination up the trail long long distances. You get to manage the stray calves with no identifying symbols were called mavericks. These were divided and branded. The combined herds moving onto the trail could number anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 cattle. The process to be used is called long drive which is a benefit for you because you will travel with maybe 260,000 of cattle, the cattle will be driven north to the rail lines and sold for a good size of 10 times the price they could get in Texas.


The locations you will be working around will be all over the states because you will be moving through states with the cattle, moving them across the states, you will be traveling from Bandera Texas all the way to Ogallala Denver. You need to be prepared to travel all over the states.

Thank you

Thank you, and I hope to hear from all the interested people soon!