McCargo's Broncos

January 8th, 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you enjoyed a fantastic break from school with your family! We've gotten off to a wonderful start of the second half of 5th grade this week. It is so great to be back in the classroom!

On Thursday and Friday, the students completed PRACTICE GA Milestones assessments in Language Arts and Math that we will send to the University of GA for mock grading and feedback. This will provide valuable information to help the 5th grade team better prepare our students with test taking strategies, as well as further familiarize the students with the types of questions posed on the Ga Milestones.

Speaking of the GA Milestones, last years scores will (finally) be coming home with report cards next Friday, January 15th.

A note about behavior logs...

I got a bit off track with student behavior logs at the end of the last semester. Starting next week, I'm going to try a new (and hopefully improved!) system. Please be on the look out for a yellow form in your student's agenda where they will keep track of any "checks," which will be an indication that they need to improve in a particular area. So, zero checks is a positive thing! I will also make comments as necessary. Please sign the form each week to let me know that your student has shared their progress with you.

Upcoming Learning & Classroom Assessments

Science: Properties of Matter & Sum of Parts (test on Fri. Jan. 15th)

Reading: Non-Fiction Text Structures (SWYK on Thur. Jan. 14th)

Writing: Guided Informational Writing (ungraded)

Word Study: "tempor" & "chron(o)" = "time" (SWYK on Fri. Jan. 15th)

Math: Dividing Unit Fractions (SWYK on Wed. Jan. 13th, Test on Fri. Jan. 15th)