Summer Olympics

come to Uranus summer olympics

The size of Uranus is four times bigger than earth! Diameter of Uranus is 51,118 km across.Uranus is tilted over onto its side, rotating at an angle of 99-degrees.Over the course of its 84-year orbit, the north pole of Uranus is facing towards the Sun, and the south pole is in total darkness. we well all be on the side where the sun is. be prepared its going to be really hot. Bring alto of water because there is water but is frozen onto solid.

summer Olympics

Monday, July 1st, 1am


The distance from earth to Uranus is 1.6 billion miles. The maximum distance is 3.157 billion kilometers. One day on Uranus is equal to 17 hours 14 minutes on Earth so your day well be a bit shorter