The Kindergarten Chronical

Rachel & Billi's Class 2015-2016

Kindergarten Authors!

Our students have been very busy putting their writing skills to the test. In addition to our Tuesday and Thursday journal writing, we have been putting together a book that will be our first published piece of writing this year. Our kindergarten authors have been working so hard at putting together their "teaching books." Each child chose a topic they were an "expert" about and wrote a short piece on that topic. From gymnastics, to taking care of dogs, these children have shared their personal experiences and put them into words and illustrations to share with you. The children are very proud of these books and can’t wait to show them off when they are complete. With extra practice of editing our daily morning message, many of the children are remembering to go back and fix their own writing samples. Using proper capitalization, punctuation and spacing between words are all things we are working on. Each student has a checklist they use to keep track of their writing progress. We look forward to sharing their work with you during our conferences next week!

The real world (aka: Social Studies)

We learned a lot about Martin Luther King Jr this past month. We saw a short film about his life and what our world would look like if he had not persevered and stood up for his beliefs. We had discussions about his peacefulness and how many problems can be solved without fighting and conflict. These discussions led us to think about all the ways we can be kind to one another and show fairness and equality. With our big buddies in 3rd grade we thought about ways we can change the world and make it a better place and created a art/writing piece to represent our thoughts. As the month of February continues we will be reading various stories about other famous and inspiring African Americans to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for Black History Month. And of course we will be sure to spread the love around our community for Valentine’s day!

Make sure you send a box for your child to decorate for their valentines...we will celebrate this day of love on February 10th.

100 days of celebration and math!

There was much anticipation and excitement surrounding the 100th day of school! We had a number scavenger hunt, shared our "100 objects", and created 100 day hats! The extra practice of counting by ten was beneficial and the visualization of what 100 really looks like is starting to resonate with the class. You might have heard about our new calendar routine... each child has a calendar page they fill out each day which includes; time, place value, odd and even numbers and the temperature of the day. This interactive whole group activity is helping to make some of these tricky math concepts more concrete.

Science Fun!

In science we've been learning about atoms and molecules and their very cool properties. We all had great fun learning what static electricity is and what causes it. We separated a mixture of salt and pepper using balloons, then got to explore the room with our balloons and see how many places we could get them to stick!

We're also learning about hydrogen bonding and surface tension. So far we've been human molecules and linked our arms (bonded) together to form "water". We then used our pipettes to very carefully put little individual droplets of water on waxed paper. We made sure to keep putting droplets closer and closer together until the magic happened! The droplets all bonded together to form one big drop. The children then each got a toothpick with a teensy bit of dawn on it and touched the center of their drop. Be sure to ask them what happened?

We also experimented to see how many droplets of water we could balance on a penny before it collapsed, then compared with how many they could balance on a dime.