Saylors turning 4!

Hot Diggity Dog!

Save the Date

Saturday, August 17th @ 4pm.
A jump house and slip and slide will be provided....please bring a swimsuit, change of clothes and towel.
Kid food and Mommy food will also be provided. If you have out of town friends, please bring them as well as long as they're female:)

Saylor's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday, Aug. 17th, 4pm

22271 LeeMont Rd. Parksley Va, 23421

Minnie Mouse is the theme!

Schedule of Events

1. Arrive
2. Jump
3. Slip
4. Slide
5. Get wet
6. Do it again
7. Eat
8. Get wet again
9. Cake
10. Go Home

The Crazy Crew

We are happy to celebrate Saylor's 4th birthday with her friends and my friends! Please come and enjoy.