Update ~ February


Much of February was spent testing possible new students for the LAUNCH program. I have missed being in the classroom with my students but I have enjoyed the smiles and hugs in the hall. LAUNCH will be back open for business by the end of next week (March 12).

Field Trips:

April 13 ~ 3rd (Hunt Meadows and Spearman) to Discovery Place (money due by March 19).

April 22-24 ~ 5th (Hunt Meadows and Spearman) to Colonial Virginia (money past due).

May 12 ~ 4th (Hunt Meadows, Palmetto and Spearman) to Biltmore. (money due by March 9).

Family Fun Destination ~ Caesars Head State Park

Take a hike or just enjoy the view. You can share a picnic, squeeze through Devil's Kitchen or even find Raven Cliff Falls. Just get out there!


Contact me:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can reach me quickly through email but a phone call to the front office works just as well. I am enjoying working with your children each week.

Phone Numbers:

864-850-3987 HMES

864-847-5442 PMES

864-947-9787 SES