Arnika Forte

DermAvance and Arnika Forte

About Arnika Forte

Developed and sold by DermAvance Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Arnika Forte is the first and only formulation of arnica montana and bromelain on the market. It comes in a capsule and is taken orally. DermAvance designed the product to speed healing and reduce the bruising and trauma that are commonly associated with aesthetic medical procedures. Arnika Forte has also proven beneficial in the treatment of purpura (internal bleeding from small blood vessels that produces a rash of purple spots) and bruising from sclerotherapy (a procedure that eliminates spider veins through the injection of a salt-based solution). After undergoing double mastectomy surgery in 2013, actress Angelina Jolie reported using Arnika Forte to help her recover.

DermAvance recently announced the launch of an Arnika Forte topical roll-on that can be applied directly to the skin to combat the pinpoint bruising that frequently arises as a result of Botox, Restylane, and Juvaderm injections. DermAvance currently markets and sells both the topical and oral forms of this healing product in a single convenient kit.