Murray Avenue School Newsletter 10-25-22

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October is National Bullying Prevention month and also our No Place for Hate Kickoff.

We had our Color Week sponsored by our Student Council. In addition, we had town hall meetings with each grade level where we reviewed important information related to bullying and harassment. We wanted to share this important information with our families so you could also reinforce these important messages.

Counselors: We gave students examples of different reasons that they might have for seeing a counselor. This year our counselors are assigned to a particular grade level.

Grade 6: Ms. Linda Helm

Grade 7: Mrs. Lauren Sileski

Grade 8: Ms. Rebecca DeLoach

Students can see a counselor about an issue they are having or if they are concerned about a friend. And, it doesn’t have to be something “big” to see a counselor!

Students can stop by their rooms or send an email to them asking to meet and our counselors will follow up.

Reporting Bullying:

An important step in addressing bullying is encouraging students to report when they are having an issue.

We encourage students to tell a trusted adult–a parent, a coach, or any staff member.

Students can email counselors or administrators or stop in the office to report in person.

Students who do not feel comfortable reporting in person or by email can report issues to us using our anonymous digital reporting system called MA CARES. When students use this Google form, it goes directly to principals and counselors to be investigated. The form is located on our website under Quicklinks. MA CARES can be used for any concern that a student has that they feel needs our attention.

We also reviewed the Safe2Say Something reporting system with our students. This system is used for a number of important purposes. We encourage students to use this system in emergency situations when they need to report instances of students threatening to harm themselves or making a threat to other people or the school. It can also be used to report bullying as well. Our students use this system effectively to support their friends and to report concerns. Parents can use this as well. If there are concerns about students in another school, this system delivers reports to all Pennsylvania Schools.

We always encourage direct reporting of concerns to administrators but in the event that this is not possible, this system should be used. These reports go directly to Lower Moreland administrators and the Lower Moreland Police. Click HERE for more information about this program and to see the video that we use to train our students.

Middle school is a challenging age for peer issues. Students often need adults to support them as they navigate some of these issues. When issues arise, we want to know about them, and we will support students as we work to address issues.

Picture Retakes are Tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/26/22

Picture retakes will take place tomorrow during periods 1, 2 and 3. Any student who wants to have their picture retaken should bring their original picture with them.

Students who were absent for the first picture day will also be photographed.

Here is the link for the retake information: Picture Retake Information

Here is the link to the online order form: Picture Retake Online Form

Halloween Spirit Day - Friday, October 28th

We will be having our Halloween Spirit Day on Friday, October 28th. Students may wear costumes or Halloween spirtwear to school that meet the following guidelines:

-Students may wear costumes to school that are school-appropriate and compliant with the dress code.

-Students who want to dress up should choose costumes carefully including showing respect for diverse cultures and avoiding symbols of violence.

-Weapons or replicas of weapons may not be brought into school.

-Costume masks may not be worn.

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RSVP Form for Veterans

Please click HERE to RSVP for our Veteran's Day Breakfast!

Cross Country Club Celebrates Their Season

The Murray Avenue Cross Country Club had an extremely successful season in its fourth year of existence, with 40 student-athletes coming out for the club! The girls’ squad finished their season undefeated, while the boys’ team only had one loss on the season! The team hosted two meets on Murray Avenue’s home course, and they were well attended by many parents and families! The high school cross country team also came down and cheered for us! The atmosphere was phenomenal, and the runners put on a show for all who attended! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our program this season!

Grade 8 Band Students Play with HS Pep Band

Ms. Mohr's 8th grade Band students joined Mr. Obringer and the High School Pep Band at the football game this past Friday to root on our Lions! Students sat in the stands and played songs throughout the game, including our team's Fight Song and the Star Spangled Banner. The 8th graders have been working hard with Ms. Mohr on their instruments, learning music in preparation for multiple performances that they have lined up for this year. It was a great opportunity for the kids to play with their fellow bandmates and get to experience what is in store for them next year in the LMHS Band!

Grade 6 Social Studies Classes Learn About Cuneiform

Sixth grade social studies students had a small taste of the life of a Sumerian scribe this week. Students substituted Play-Doh and pencils for clay tablets and styluses. Students reported that cuneiform was a complicated and difficult language to write. They were glad to return to English's many fewer, compact characters.

Grade 7 & 8 Students Enjoy Valley of Fear

Over 100 students attended our school Valley of Fear trip. Students enjoyed a haunted hayride and then explored the Valley of Fear food court, bonfire, and other haunted areas. Students and staff had a great time!

Visit our MA Virtual Library and Murray Makers Page

Click HERE to explore the collection of resources and activities that Ms. Grosso, our media specialist, has created for students.

Please take a moment to check out what's going on in our district libraries via the latest publication of our Library Newsletter:

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Book Fair this year will be November 17-23 in the MA Library! Students will visit with their ELA classes. Families may visit during parent teacher conferences in the afternoons.

Click HERE to check out our Book Fair page to learn more and set up an eWallet for smoother transactions.

Parent/Guaridan Information about Canvas

This year all of our teachers are using Canvas, which is our new learning management system. Parents and guardians can be added as observers to your child's account.

An observer can view and read announcements, view the calendar, and view assignment due dates. If you want to read more about the observer role, click HERE. There are instructions for how to become an observer on your child's account. Parents/guardians can be paired with more than one account if you have multiple students.

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Activity Information Shared with Students

Last week we had a town hall meeting where we reviewed school activities with them.

Click HERE for a list of activities, sponsors, and start dates.

Click HERE for a short description with a video explanation from the sponsor. This document has activity "commercials."

We hope your student will consider trying something new this year!

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LMTSD Seeking Mentor Families

In our district, we are lucky to have students and families who are from diverse cultures. Did you know that in our district, we have over 30 languages spoken?

To better support our new families, we would like to invite you to participate in serving as a mentor. As a mentor, you would be responsible for explaining school routines and special events and answering any questions that arise.

For those families who do not speak English as their native language, working with a mentor family who speaks the same language could be very helpful in learning to navigate our school system.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please complete THIS form. New families would contact you upon their arrival to the district.

Thank you for considering!

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