My Dragster

By: Ryan Winkler

Research on My Dragster

There are many factors that have an effect on the speed of my dragster. Number one, what is speed? Speed is how fast something is going. The formula to find speed is S=total distance/total time. Some factors in the design of a car that have an effect on speed are the aerodynamic angles of the car, the weight of the car, and the wheel shape. An example of technology that effects CO2 emissions from a car, is if the car is a hybrid. Then the car also gets better gas mileage. Modeling and prototyping helps to design that because then, when they build it in real life, they have something to follow.
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Some important factors for the launch of my car, is that the CO2 hole has to be perfect and the wheels shouldn't wiggle back and forth. The best features of my car are it's lightness and aerodynamic design. Something that might negatively affect it's performance is that one of the eye holes that keeps the car going straight is crooked. I believe my car will go 3 mph top speed.

My Speed

My car went went 15 feet per second.


There were many things that turned out well. First of all, my car took 2nd place in the bracket. Second, my car went really fast. 20 feet 1.35 seconds! I enjoyed racing people the most because it's fun to see who wins. My car could be lighter. Next time, I would shave more wood off the bottom and top. My least favorite part was losing.
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