Federal Courts System

Module 6 Lesson 1 Mastery Assessignment

District Courts: federal courts where trails and lawsuits begin. First level of the ferderal courts system

District Courts has Original Jurisdiction, and hear both criminal and civil related cases.

Original Jurisdiction: the right to hear a case for the first time.

Courts of Appeals: Reviews decisions made in the district courts. Next level up in the Federal Courts System

Courts of Appeal has Appellate Jurisdiction, and is on a Circuit.

Appellate Jurisdiction: the right to hear cases appealed form the lower district courts.

Circuit: is the geographic area of the 12 U.S. Courts of Appeals.

Thirteenth Appeals Court: is the court of appeals in the Federal Ciruit, has nationwide jurisdictions. Next level up in the federal court system

They have the right to Remand cases.

Remand: send cases back to the lower courts to be tried once more

Magistrate Judges: They get to decide if the accused should get bail or stay in jail

U.S. Attorneys

A government lawyer who prosecutes the accused who broke the federal law

U.S. Marshall

They make arrests, collect fines, and take convicted people to the prisons.