8.10A- Air & Ocean Currents

Happy Tuesday, Mighty Meteorologists!

Do Now

1.Set up your word triangles.

2. Glue your graded word triangles to INB page 207

3. Glue your tracker onto INB page 208.

4.Please complete the Convection Currents worksheet.

"What are we doing today, Ms. CJ?"

Well, since you asked... :-)

  • Do Now- Check!
  • Data Tuesday
  • Last Call 4 Stations
  • Nature Lecture
  • Exit Ticket & Closing


  • I will be staying after school today, tomorrow, and Thursday.
  • I highly suggest you stay for a bit to review for your...
  • QUIZ TOMORROW!!! Convection, Air Currents, and Ocean Currents
  • There ARE Saturday tutorials this week, but I will NOT be here. You are still encouraged to attend.
  • Please remember to keep your areas neat and organized!!! :)
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Data Tuesday

Class Averages

Yale- 85%

Northwestern- 65%

University of North Carolina- 77%

University of Southern California- 71%


Create a left side page in your Interactive Notebook that explains how thermal energy affects the oceans and air.

INB page 206.

Your options include:

  • create a graphic organizer
  • picture with illustration
  • poem
  • crossword puzzle
  • foldable
See Page D in your notebook for more choices.

Air Masses Foldable

When identifying air masses, it is important to remember what the words mean.






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Exit Ticket

Your exit ticket is to complete Textbook pages 433-435.

You MAY use a homework pass for tonight's assignment, but I encourage you to look at it anyway as it is a study guide for your quiz!!