Customer Voice Newsletter - 04/2016

Your customers are talking. Are you listening?

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Features Requests - TOP 10

"the idea of not being able to access your files in a situation where your lost your smartphone or simply have to battery can be a real problem, this is a must that all cloud services have"

"Could I mention that a web interface would solve the 'no access to Lima from behind a proxy' problem that is a showstopper for me at my workplace."

"Under Consideration"? Listen up Lima developers, this topic has 100 likes, but you keep saying "Under Consideration"? WE ARE YOUR CLIENTS!!! YOU DON'T RESPECT THE VOTES IN THIS FORUM, NEITHER US YOUR CLIENTS!!!! YOU MUST PROGRAM THIS!!!! STOP LIVING IN WONDERLAND!!!"

"Could be great to be allowed to store files direclty from a phone or a tablet direct on the lima storage, I'm not talking here only about photos or videos but of any file received by email for example."

"the Lima app (iPhone and Android) is missing some basic file managemant capabilities like to delete, rename a file, move it to another folder, create new folders and import files from another app."

"Bonjour est il prévu de pouvoir lire les films,musique et photos stockées sur Lima avec des appareils branchés sur le même réseau que Lima en utilisant le DLNA(exemple : lecteur Blu-ray DLNA branché sur ma box, ou encore mon lecteur asus play )actuellement mon lecteur ne détecte pas Lima sur le réseau, ce qui est bien dommage car je suis obligé d'avoir un doublon de toutes mes vidéos et photos."

"I have no intention of mucking about with my pi. the kodi installer works just great and given the amount of tweaking ive done to the system ill wait till upnp support is there. Besides, i tried learning linux and it was a screaming fail! I tried very hard but just couldnt get my head around it. I hope this feature is in the short to mid term plan as this feature is one of the reasons i backed lima."

"I'd appreciate DLNA support to be able to use my Lima through my Samsung SmartTV! Vote Sent!"

"Fixing the creation/modification date is a big deal for me, since I usually use file sorting by date in order to find my photos. My current intermediate solution is to run a script that goes through all photos in the Lima folder and modifies their date according to the photo info. Naturally, this is a cumbersome process and I would love to have that naturally implemented by Lima."

"When using something like rsync to make sure your Lima files are synchronized a consistent Modified Time (mtime) is incredibly useful."

"Syncing /transfering large amounts of data between my Windows laptop and Lima uses a lot of my laptops resources (mainly the HDD) thus making it almost impossible to use my laptop for something else while there is a transfer going on. It would be nice to be able to pause file transfer.

Some ideas:

- Pause automatically during certain times

- Option to pause all transfers vs. option to pause transfer of specific files/folders

- Option to pause upload / download separately"


Fortement intéressé par votre solution "Lima", je souhaiterai savoir quand je pourrais l'utiliser sur une distribution Linux ?

Merci d'avance."


Fifth time I hesitate to buy your lima, fifth time I resigned myself because it's not compatible with linux, fifth time I let go a great discount. :'(

Hope next time will be the good one.


"Do you plan to support Linux in the short term? I am interested on buying your product but one of my pcs runs on Linux and not having access to lima from it stops me from buying it."

"Is there a possibility to copy the data directly to the climate? 4TB takes years…"

"When do you expect to resolve the limitation of Lima not able to deal with material already on a hard drive?"

"This is the one and only reason I still use Dropbox! Would love to have Lima be my one and only source for all things file sharing!"

"Lima is a great tool for it help me keep important data on my hard drive. It also allow me not to think about upload, I simply need to copy and past my data on the drive and lima does the rest.

But I would love to be able to share my work document with my team or client. Allowing theme to have a folder on their desktop that is linked to my Lima Drive.

This could also allow me to access my data when on a computer that is not related to me - for exemple when working on the station of a Free Lance

Features can be added like :

- allowing reading the folder only or reading and writing

- Password"

"It would be nice to have a different folder name per device.

Or the ability to change the name from within the client app.

This way different clients can backup / sync their own pictures to their own folder."

"I would like Lima to sync the files and folders exactly as stored on my mobile device, spefically photos. I have multiple photo folders on my mobile devices. I do not like Lima syncing everything into one 'mobile flow' folder. This is a nightmare trying to find something on the Lima drive. The Lima app does mysteriously add the folders to my Lima external drive, but annoyingly only syncs the files to the 'mobile flow' folder."

"I thought that an advantage over NAS was that in the event of a Lima ardware failure or program error, I could just plug the external HD straight into my mac and access my files. This isn't the case. Is there a way for MacOS to read the content of Lima drive directly without Lima hardware connected?"

"I am just curious to know whether I can still access the files that I have uploaded onto Lima by attaching my hard drive to the computer."

"It is however, absolutely not acceptable, even at an early stage that I do not have an easy way to opt out of Lima. It is absolutely okay for you to encrypt the hdd, but the day I want to remove Lima, I should be easily removing the device, plug to my mac, enter the pw and have full access to my data.

Until I have this tool at my hand, I will NOT entrust Lima my data, resp. taking it as a serious replacement to my current solution."

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5 Things You Should Improve

1. Connectivity (400) ↑

"Everything works fine on local network on iPhone 6s, but outside Lima "seems to be offline" (FR : Lima hors de portée)."

"I have iPhone and iPad and when they are on the same network they see each others files but not the files on the Lima. I have also set the network to use Cellular Data (which worries me based on data usage but to help in getting this resolved, I have set this."

"Why does my Lima always go offline randomly and would require a hard reboot? Very inconvenient!"

2. Slow Performance (236) ↑

"I am in the process of copying around 150GB from my WD MyCloud to Lima. Both are on the same router with GBit LAN. I do not think this an exorbitant quantity of data. Outstanding data after 48 hours: 102GB. Lima now is showing me 14 hours left, which I can not believe ( by the way, at the beginning it was showing me 7 years, lol ). There should strongly be done something to increase speed because this makes Lima really unusable."

"I absolutely would love to get rid of my NAS and use Lima. But with these transfer rates it's mainly useless for my kind of stuff - photos, videos, etc. I understand that upload and download rates on my other devices like my Mac in the office are slower, but they should be also quite fast as I have 20 Mbit upload and 100 Mbit download at home and the office is connected very, very good (internet company).

Using the app on my iOS device is insanely slow. Running the app, connected to power uploads a photo every 10 minutes or so. Sometimes its a bit faster, but most of the time it's unusable. When I installed the app I have to upload 241 files. A few days later (and trying hard) I am at 158 with nothing happening for an hour now."

"uploading is still very slow. I am on the same LAN as my Lima with a Wifi and, even when I keep the app alive it takes maybe 30minutes to upload 5 files. I have 428 left so it will takes days to finish."

"I'm getting incredibly slow upload speeds from my Desktop. I transferred 30Gb of movie files 150-500Mb/piece to the Lima drive and it's as if it were uploading them over an old DSL connection to Australia (which is on the other side of the world to me). In fact it's uploading over a local network that although wireless is good for sustained 100Mbit/s actual transfer speed and for sanity check I've even hooked in a cable but a 1Gbit cable connection doesn't make a difference.

This device is kind of taking the cake as the worst tech thing I've ever bought and that's saying a lot since I've bought lots of stuff (and crap) in my days."

3. Ghost Devices (171) →

"I have the same problem, and it is also a question of safety. It should be possible to remove devices. Imagine somebody hacks in we could not do anything against it than destroying our Lima account."


mon fils s'est fait voler son smartphone. Comment puis je le retirer de notre réseau lima?"

"j'ai formaté un Macbook Pro car je l'ai vendu mais il apparait sur mon second MacBook Pro dans les préfs/mes appareils

Comment le supprimer ?"

"On the Lima Software there is a menu item "my other devices". It would be helpful, to reset these list, cause some of my devices are listed more than once."

4. Upload stuck (126) ↑

"backed up 46GB but still says that it needs to back up 239GB. It has been stuck on that for 3 days."

"my flow seems to be stuck at 10%. how do I start the transfer again ? this is day 2. no movement."

5. Metadata (99) →

"I have rarely been successful at viewing the thumbnails on my Windows 7 machine wired directly into the same router the Lima device is connected to. When viewing in Windows Explorer the thumbnails never show up. I think the only time they did was when I reinstalled the Lima application and the first time they showed up. Never again after that."

"I was instructed to change the settings so that an offline (local) copy is automatically kept for every file. Once the thumbnail appears on a different device connected to the Lima, you can, on the original device, remove offline copies. It seems to work, but is highly inefficient! I am starting to wonder about this company."

"We are in March 2016. I have the Lima since last summer. Now, the Lima is sold for the general public. YET it still doesn't do one of the most essential thing: SHOWING THUMBNAILS on your smartphone. I have the new version of the desktop app for Mac and still no improvements. On my iPhone I have a few pictures with thumbnails and a lot without them, which is of no use. I will turn off the Lima and wait AGAIN for the promise to be filled. See you in 2017!"

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Customer Service Satisfaction ↑

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Top 5 positive Ratings


Looking to purchase your product and your support was almost immediate. Based on this, I will be purchasing. Good work and never neglect customer service! it will always pay off...


Votre aide a été extraordinaire! Réponse rapide et courtoise. Explications claires et excellent suivi. Si toutes les compagnies avaient des employées comme vous!!!

Je vous reviens dès que le transfert de mes fichiers est complété.

Merci encore!


I'm more than satisfied with the technical support. Super fast and all the steps provided are pretty straight forward.

Thanks a lot!


Am very impressed with the level of support received on my recent request. It's great to see such a high level of expertise and quick responsiveness.


Wonderful service, as it's always been

Top 5 negative Ratings


the product didnt meet my expectation and i believe you still have a lot more to work on to improve the customer experience! the application with its features is so poor lacking basic private cloud functionalities.

as of now i have my files saved on there just to keep it to my reach. let me add that the performance is terrible even though i have a 10 MB fiber optic internet cable!

waiting for a major improvement from Lima's team.



I have been given no indication when unification will be made available. The whole purpose of Lima is unification. As it stands at the moment, it is not even as powerful as Dropbox.


Lima app still expends excessive amount of battery therefore it make it less useful.


I do appreciate the help, very much! But...

Even though I received an email a month ago saying my order shipped on March 10, it ACTUALLY finally shipped yesterday (April 10). Suggestion: don't email customers telling them something has shipped, when it has NOT.

Support said "...the shipping company encountered some problems..." If it takes ONE MONTH, and multiple email messages to get them to finally do something, perhaps the problem is probably a bigger than you think.


Il est agréable d'obtenir une réponse un dimanche. Mais le produit me déçoit beaucoup. Pas sûr de le conserver.