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Your journey starts now...

WELCOME to Origami Owl! My name is Amy Olszak and I will have the pleasure of being your Mentor, so please contact me with any questions. I'm going to throw a lot of information at you below, and you will also be hearing from other designers in your lineage over the next few days. Please do not be overwhelmed. We all just want you to have all the resources possible at your disposal to be as successful as you most possibly can! We are all so happy you've joined our family and cannot wait to watch you grow!

Here's a little welcome video just for you from some peeps at the Nest that want to welcome you to Origami Owl and give you some GREAT tips on how to jumpstart your new business!


password: oonewdesigners
Humble Beginnings: The Origami Owl Story

Your "Family Tree" {upline}

Names you may see…

Heidi Russell, Executive Director- Superstars Team (New York)

Heather Hall, Senior Director - Rockin Lockets Team (Connecticut)

Heather Moreland, Executive Team Leader - Team OWL (Georgia)

Amy Olszak, Leading Designer (Holly Springs, NC)


{click on the above teams to join their Facebook pages to get invaluable insight from fellow Designers. If you are in NC, you can also join the NC Origami Owl FB Page.}

O2 Lingo

Here at Origami Owl We have a culture that may be different from other companies. We hope you enjoy reading a bit more about some of the terms we often use.

  • Origami Owl = O2

  • Home office = The Nest

  • Instead of "I have a new recruit," we say "I have a new Designer"

  • Instead of saying "I recruited someone," we say "I added a new Designer to my Team" or "I sponsored someone"

  • Instead of calling someone your Recruiter, we say "My Mentor"

  • We are not Consultants. We are Designers.

  • Downline = Your Team

  • We don't have Shows. We have Jewelry Bars.

  • Our Catalogs are called Take Out Menus or TOMs

  • PV = Personal Volume = the same as your wholesale cost

  • JB = Jewelry Bar

  • Make and Take = a JB where guests get to buy and take home what they make; you will be selling these items out of your inventory

We operate by the "Golden Rule." It is so simple! In any situation, ask yourself... How would I feel? Be courteous and thoughtful of others. We are a family and we treat each other accordingly whether that be a fellow Designer or the folks at Designer Care.

The Nest

To Contact Designer Care at Origami Owl


Monday-Friday, 10:00am-9:00pm EST

Be sure to add them as a contact in your phone so you can call whenever you need them.

Want to take a tour of the Nest with Founder Bella? Watch this video! http://vimeo.com/origamiowl/review/69343336/7d87a57850

Sign up your Owlette

Do you have a daughter (or son!) age 12-17 that wants to join you in your business? Sign them up as an Owlette and give them an amazing opportunity! Email or fax this form to get them added to your Designer ID. Then be sure to sign them up for the Hoot Academy, geared just for them! Owlettes in the Hoot Academy will get to participate in webinars with teen founder Bella, receive special recognition charms, and so much more.

Let's get started!

Now that you know a little about the company and your place in it, let's talk about what to do next and all the resources that are available to you! You will find A LOT of helpful documents when you're logged into your Back Office. The home page will always show you the most recent news. Log in daily to see any updates and stay in the know. Be sure to click the Stay Up To Date and catch up on past Videos.

Check out the amazing O2 Academy, with a section just for new Designers and another to help you set up a Jewelry Bar display. This is also where Owlettes access the Hoot Academy geared specifically to the our youngest designers!

Look through the Library in the O2 Academy. Here you will have a plethora of marketing materials, documents and tools for your business. Spend some time exploring and downloading! Then get sharing on social media!

You will receive "The Hoot" every week from Origami Owl. It is jam-packed with news, announcements and other fun tidbits. Be sure to keep a lookout for it! Stay in the know by text, too! Simply text OPTINO2 to 84483 and you'll start receiving text updates, too.

How Do I get paid? PayQuicker!

As Designers we earn 50% of charms, dangles and plates and 30% of everything else. This works out to be a good average of about 40%...which is very generous for direct sales! Commission checks are paid the following Friday after an order is placed. It is deposited into your PayQuicker account, and you can either use the debit/credit card they will send you, or you can transfer it to your own account.

PayQuicker will automatically send you an email shortly after you become a Designer. Be sure to follow the directions and sign up for your PayQuicker account ASAP. Read the FAQ's here. There are no fees to use the card and transfer money to your account, however fees may apply in certain circumstances, so familiarize yourself with the fees here.

Business Cards

One of the first things you'll want to do is order business cards. You can order them through the Back Office or use your own design to order wherever you'd like. Simply go to Orders and click on Business Cards. From there you'll see several choices to customize. You can download business card templates in the Document Library (O2 Academy), or design one yourself and order them from anywhere you'd like. I have used VistaPrint and found the quality to be good and very inexpensive. Be sure to include your Designer ID#, email address, phone number and replicated O2 website so people can shop!

Soar To Success

I want to help you achieve your dreams in a big way. Origami Owl has some exciting incentives to boost your business in your first 90 days. As a new designer, you're automatically enrolled in the Soar To Success program. Achieve each level for amazing rewards to boost your Jewelry Bar display. Check out the Soar To Success FAQ for more details.

Jump Start Your Business

There are so many things you can do while you wait for your new business kit...

  • Register for the Summit Academy. Each week you will participate in valuable training from our Directors via webinars!
  • Follow the New Designer Checklist and start checking things off your list!
  • Wear your locket every day (try to change up the look to keep people who see you all the time interested). Be prepared with what you're going to say when someone comments on how much they love your necklace (or bracelet). Always be prepared with business cards and extra TOMs.
  • You may want to open a separate checking account for your business, where you can deposit customers' checks and cash, as well as use the account for business supply orders. Look for something with no fees and a debit card. Keeping your money separate from personal accounts will make your life much easier at tax time.
  • Policies & Procedures - Familiarize yourself with Origami Owl's rules and restrictions on conducting your business.
  • Learn everything you can about our products. Read through the Product Points of Difference and know the TOM inside and out.
  • Personalize your O2 website - go to "Account" in the Back Office. Add your picture, a custom message and links to your social media accounts.
  • Every month, Origami Owl sends a newsletter to all your contacts in the contact manager. So get a head start by adding some of your friends and family manually into the Contact Manager so they can start to receive your newsletter. Anyone who makes a purchase online is automatically added to your newsletter list.
  • Update your email signature with your new business information. Include a picture and links to your website, Facebook page, etc. Better yet, install the e-signature from myesig.com. Once you have this set up, I encourage you to send an email announcing your NEW business and it's opportunities to ALL the contacts you can find!
  • Print some labels with your contact information on them. You will want to label all your TOMs when they arrive, as well as each page of your order form. (You can also order a custom stamp if you wish, but labels work fine too)
  • Get pumped up with our current incentive programs. Subscribe to stay in the know.
  • If you plan on selling items out of your inventory or doing any events, consider getting a credit card swiper for your phone. O2 recommends Square, which is what I use (and we get a slight discount on the fees by signing up under Origami Owl). There are others out there. You should not have to pay anything for the swiper; you only pay fees when you need to use it. So take some time to research them, if you think it will benefit your business. {Note: if you only plan to take orders and have them shipped, you will not need one. This is a convenience, not a necessity.}
  • Make a Vision Board to get you motivated! See how Bella made hers by watching this video in the O2 Academy.

Plan your Launch Party

Your launch party should be your introduction of your new business to all of your family and friends! You should focus on bookings and sharing Origami Owl with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products. Your business will benefit greatly if you can get 2 friends to book their own Jewelry Bar at your launch party, and another 2 while you're inviting friends who maybe cannot attend. That is always your goal at each Jewelry Bar: to book another one! Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are easy and so much fun! But it is even more fun when you are excited, enthusiastic, and get the ball rolling! That is the key to your success!

  • Follow this Step By Step guide to your first Jewelry Bar and also read this Jewelry Bar 411!
  • Create your ALICE list - use this worksheet to write down all the people you know from different social circles so you can start sharing the O2 Love with them! Invite everyone you know and do not discriminate. You never know who might love Origami Owl; and even if you think it's not their thing, they may want to get a locket as a gift for someone else.
  • Hand out physical invitations in person if possible. If you want to start designing invitations, flyers, etc. be sure to use the O2 Look with colors, fonts, and logos approved by Origami Owl. I can always help you with invitations and will have some for you to edit and use, along with other Marketing materials, in a DropBox folder, which I will send you a password for.
  • Don't forget to share your party details through Social Media, as well as email. People are more likely to come when they connect with the jewelry on a deeper level. Start collecting photos of the product. When you post something that reminds you of someone, share it and tag them, telling them why. Not only do they see it, but all of their friends, too.
  • Keep your table display simple: white, aqua and linen with pops of pink or yellow. You don't need a fancy display, and don't go overboard with the owls. One white ceramic owl will be perfect. You can use white plates or pretty bottles to hang chains from. Feel free to be creative and thrifty. Here are some helpful plan-o-grams and tips for setting up a beautiful display.

Jewelry Bar Training

Hear straight from our Founders on everything you need to know about Setting up your Jewelry Bar, Coaching your Hostess and Connecting with your Guests! After all, your Jewelry Bar is your key to success, so who better to train on it than the people who started it all?

These are awesome training tools just for Team Rockin' Lockets! (password: rockin)

Rock Your Jewelry Bar, part 1

Rock Your Jewelry Bar, part 2

Facebook Virtual Jewelry Bar: Jammies & Jewelry

Training Videos

Origami Owl has a 3 part webinar series just for new designers! You can find them in the O2 Academy under New Designers, but following these links should take you to them as well. You just need to register first.

part 1 Welcome and Getting Started

part 2 Managing your O2 Business

part 3 Managing your Jewelry Bars

Social Media

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or all of the above, these Social Media sites can be invaluable tools for your business. I suggest you start with one, whichever you're most comfortable and familiar with, and use it well before adding a second. A strong presence in one is better than a weak, watered down presence in several places.

  • Please read the O2 Policies and Procedures for all the social media guidelines. There are very specific guidelines, including how you name your page, so please understand them before creating a Facebook page or website.
  • If you use Pinterest, take some time to review their Pin Etiquette. Try to create and upload your own pins, which you can link back to your O2 website or Facebook page. Do not take ownership of others' pins by changing the link to yours. Give your followers some variety. Don't just post pictures of O2 jewelry (as pretty as it is). Try to post pictures of other things that may interest your followers. For example, I pin all sorts of owl things, party planning ideas and jewelry organization.
  • Create a Facebook page! Start by updating all your business info; then like Origami Owl's Facebook page and share some of the pictures they post on your page. Add photos and other content before you share your page with all your Facebook friends. You can use the "schedule" button to spread out your posts for the week. Try to post every day or twice a day (morning and evening) with a variety of posts: pictures, links, quotes, etc. Keep it interesting and engaging. Ask your customers questions. Don't just throw information at them. It's all about building relationships.
  • As much as we love and support our fellow Designers, be sure to NOT "like" or "share" other O2 Designers' pages or posts. When you do, your friends see this and you may inadvertently direct them to other Designers.

Filling Out An Order Form

Put labels (or order a custom stamp!) on every page of your order forms. You will always keep the TOP copy (this has your customer's credit card info). The second copy goes to the Hostess (if you have the party orders shipped to her, so she can sort through and make sure everyone gets their products). I actually prefer to have JB orders shipped to me so that I can package them accordingly and then deliver to my Hostesses. Less work for them, which is usually appreciated. You can do what feels right for you.

Either you or your customer can fill out the order forms. It usually depends on how busy the JB is, but I like to fill it out for them to make sure the item #'s and prices are correct. (Tip, I put tabs on my copy of the TOM to make finding categories of products easier!) Be sure the customer's information section is completely filled out. One thing I like to add that is not on our current order forms is date of birth, so that you can send them a birthday card with a coupon or even free charm (for your really super awesome customers!)

Note: tax is calculated on the total purchase + shipping. Group JB shipping is $4 to the Hostess. Direct to customer shipping is $5.95 or $7.95 (if over $100).

Be sure your customer gets a copy of their order form. The back has our return policy, and all products come with a 90 day warranty, which is also outlined on the back of the order form.


We can order a few ways.

  1. You can order through your ORDER tab by clicking New Designer Order in your Back Office. This will allow you to order at our wholesale price. Know that if you do this, it will not count towards hostess rewards or go towards a party. Note that you also place Business Supply orders separately; they cannot be combined with jewelry orders.
  2. Place your orders under the Jewelry Bar Assistant to be assigned to a specific Jewelry Bar. Orders submitted here do not ship until the Jewelry Bar is closed.
  3. Place orders through your O2 website. These orders will be at retail, but they ship immediately, and you'll get your commission back the following Friday.

What I recommend is always setting up a Jewelry Bar with yourself as the hostess. Yes, you can be your own host and reap the rewards, too! This is a great way to add product to your inventory. Whenever someone comes to you with an order, attach it to your own Jewelry Bar by using the JB shopping link on your replicated site. Also order any personal orders for yourself, gifts, etc. this way. You can leave the JB open for as long as necessary (you can change the ending date if you want to build it bigger). When you have accumulated enough orders for your rewards, simply close it out and decide which free product you want to add to your inventory!

Staying Active

To be considered "active" each month, you need to have a PV of $99. This is crucial when you start building a team to get paid your team commissions. There is currently NO minimum amount to remain an active designer! They just recently reduced the minimum to $0 and are testing this new policy out for a year.

Returns and Missing Items

Occasionally things may arrive less than perfect, have a defect...or on the seldom occasion, not at all. (After all...those owls packing at the nest are in fact human...and do make mistakes!) If this happens, do not worry. It is very easy to get things corrected! In your Back office or on the main website, scroll to the bottom and hit the RETURNS button and fill out the form. Make sure you have your order number handy.

**If a refund is issued after commission has been paid, the refund will only be in the wholesale amount and you will have to refund the rest after receiving the commission.

Health Insurance

Did you know that Origami Owl now offers Health Insurance to it's Designers? Affordable, deductible free plans come in supplemental or full coverage for you and or your family! To learn more text BMOO to 22828 or visit https://www.agenthealthplans.com/oo/ This is a great opportunity for you...as well as others who may need insurance! Make sure you share it!

Welcome to Your Future

As with anything, you get what you put in. Your future as an Origami Owl Independent Designer will be what you make of it. I will be here to answer any questions you have, to point you in the right direction and help you follow your dreams. Please don't hesitate to ask for help.

See what the future can hold with our Career Plan. To view the definitions within the Career Plan, click here.

Your Mentor, Amy Olszak

Congratulations again. I am so happy to join you on this journey. Reach for the stars!