Lord of the flies Project

by Anthony Paiano

Jack and Ralphs Tribes

Jacks tribe was closest to a totalitarian Dictatorship because jack was the only one with a say in any discussion and everyone did what he said or got punished physically. ralphs tribe is more like a republic because pretty much anyone could get a say if they were holding the conch. ralph was voted the leader he didn't just take over like jack did.

My Choice of Government

my government would be my own custom government there would be rules no supreme leader but rankings of higher and lower power. the higher smarter people would have jobs that took more thinking. the lower ranking not so smart people would have less thinking jobs and more labor jobs as in getting wood for the fire or finding food. everyone would be assigned a job based on their abilities.

my Constatution/Rules

1. Everybody has a job and does it

2. everybody eats the same amount

3. no stealing

4. no hurting anyone or fighting

5. everybody has shelter

6. fire must be burning at all times

7. no hunting without at least 2 people

8. everybody has a say in discussions higher ranks speak first

9. everyone gets one day off a week

10.everyone has clothes on

In-fighting in real life

The untied states was affected by in-fighting during the civil war the significantly decreased population and destroyed the land. it affected the government by putting the north in control witch was the better side. "I was chief, and you were going to do what I said." this quote pretty much explains what the north said to the south and its a quote from the book.

the fight against ISIS

ISIS does all their terrorism for their religion witch they think is okay but it is not and that is why a lot of different countries are fighting with them. they only approach to end the conflict is to get rid of them. ISIS strengths are that they have people from all over the world joining them and fighting for them. I believe the countries fighting isis will win because they have more people and better technology.
RAW: Iraqi army discard ISIS flag reclaiming town of Sayed Gharib
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