Edgar Allan Poe

Alyssa Zachrison

Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was a man who had a rough life. That's why he wrote all those weird but yet amazing stories.Poe's father left him and his mother when Edgar was two years old.His father drank himself to death. His mother got very sick and eventually died. Poe was put into foster homes. The Allan's took care of Edgar until Mrs.Allen died of the same sickness that Poe's real mom did. Mr.Allan was not around much.

Sickness in Poe's Life

Most of Edgar's life someone was dyeing of sickness.First it was his mother.After her death all Poe had was his two siblings left. Then, Edgar was taken by the Allan's. By the time Poe was thirteen ish Mrs.Allan die of the same disease that this mother did. After that,Edgar Allan Poe got married to his cousin. They never has an children but she later on in life she die of the same thing his mother and Mrs.Allan did.

Why did Edgar Allan Poe write?

Poe wrote story that were creepy and dark side of is life. Poe's first book that he wrote was ''Tamerlane and Other Poems''. This a book of poems that Poe wrote. Its was not is biggest hit. "The Raven" another book of Poe's was a good book that many people loved. Poe wrote books because of all the thing that was going on in his life he need to get it out of his system like most people need too. Most people talk it out with their loved ones or someone they trust. The only people that Edgar really loved or trusted died.

Why was Edgar's death such a mystery?

Edgar death is such a mystery because no one know who killed him or what did either all they know is he was hit hard in the back of his head. Edgar die in a hospital right before he died he said a prayer he said "Lord, help me poor soul" that was the last words Edgar will ever say. Even those he is gone his words will be round forever. 150 years later the still never know why Poe really die only he and his killer will ever know that.

What was Poe's impact on the world?

Poe's impacting the world it may not seem like it but he did. Edgar told the world through his writing that life would not be how you would ever dream it to be. He also, told us that the world would not be very kind to us too. I think Edgar was trying to tell the world that many people should not go through life with the people that you love likes it a magazine with lots of pictures. Maybe we should look at life like it is our last day to live.