Warren Middle school

Where nobody is left out. Because Warriors stick together.


The purpose of the Tennis team is to show how well your body and brain can actually act to unknown circumstances. Indeed, you'll meet other people when you join the club and make friends. In addition you'll work on wrist coordination and train you body to run faster/quicker. Clearly, then your muscles will be stronger and stay stronger. Hence, there are some difficult things involved like: getting a ride, having long practice hours, eating healthier and lots of conditioning.

Athletics: Basketball

The purpose of Athletics Basketball is to form you into a fit and responsible, team player. Of course, you will meet other people and stay in shape, You'll be "Athletic!" Furthermore, when you do sports you'll feel and see competitiveness between others and yourself. However, being in athletics comes with lots of workouts, early morning practices and nerve - racking tryouts.

Bible study

The purpose of the bible study is to inform and get closer to God. Granted, you will learn about God, but you'll also meet other people who want to get closer to God. As well, you will learn about Christianity. Above all, It's a refresher from reality and stress. Another good thing about it is, nothing is really difficult about.

Spanish class

The purpose of Spanish class is to expand your knowledge. Obviously, you'll meet other people, but you'll get to learn a new language. In addition, you get to learn about all of the different Hispanic culture. Thus, you'll be able to compare and contrast the differences between the Hispanic culture and others. On the other hand, it takes a lot of practice to understand and learn the language.

Honors society

The purpose of The Honors society is to acknowledge those who have worked hard to keep their grades up. Lots of times the society has ceremonies to honor those who are picked, so you'll meet others who wave worked hard and be honored. As a result you will see how many people got picked. Besides that, there's not many bad parts about being awarded, unless you don't like getting honored.