Helpful Study Tips To Know!

Ways to improve your memory in class!

Study Like You Mean It

  • To accompany the storage in your brain, you must study free of distractions, such as music, television, etc.

Don't Cram

  • Don't cram the night before a test or quiz, you're mind won't be able to recall the information as effectively.

Rehearse The Information

  • This helps short-term memory because if you rehearse information out loud, you will remember the information needed to ACE your tests.
  • This will help in the serial position effect because you will be able to remember and recall information stored in the memory in a short period of time.

Use Mnemonic Devices

  • This strongly affects recall on a multiple choice test or completing assignments. it also aids in encoding the information your brain processes and stores it for future use.

Get Some Sleep. Your Brain Needs It

  • Getting sleep will allow your brain to process the information it's contained, refreshes your mind and memory, and will allow you to retrieve the information stored in your memory.