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Mrs. Richardson and Mr. Earnest's Kindergarten Class

September 28 - October 2, 2015

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Tomorrow is our field trip to downtown

Please be sure to send in your child's permission slip and $4 field trip money. We have 10 stops planned plus a picnic lunch. It will be a very busy and exciting day!

RAIN is predicted, if your child has a rain coat, please be sure they wear it.

Meet some of our classmates

Sight Word Super Stars

These students were able to read 10 of their sight words fluently. Congratulations!! Our next sight word goal is to read 20 words. Good Luck.
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Friday is test Day

Please don't forget that Fridays are test days. Please make sure your child is prepared for academic success by: studying their homework, well rested, and on time.


Letter Recognition: (Upper & Lower Case)

  • all letters of the alphabet

Sight Words/Spelling Words:

  • you, look, we, and, go, come, see, play, it


  • Names and sight words


  • Partner Read with Student


  • Shapes: cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, hexagon, triangle, square, circle, rectangle
  • Writing Numbers
  • APTT Homework counting to 30

NOTE: I will send Math Homework home on Monday, not Thursday, that way you can work on it all week. I will assess rote counting to 30 on Friday. Please use the resources I introduced at the APTT meeting. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

What's going on in class?

Letter Recognition:
  • all letters of the alphabet

Sight Words:

  • you, look, we, and, go, come, see, play, it


  • names and sight words


  • Writing numbers to 10,
  • Counting objects to 10,
  • 2D shapes: triangle, square, circle, rectangle, hexagon; 3D Shapes: cube, cone, sphere, cylinder

Social Studies/Health

  • living and non-living

Field Trips, Meetings, and Activities

  • Careers in Our Community, Field Trip to Newnan, Sept 29th
  • Farm Breakfast, To Be Determined

Whats going on at Ruth Hill?


  • 28th, Monday, Domino's Fundraising money due
  • 29th, Tuesday, Parent Input Meeting for Title Documents, 6:30
  • 29th, Tuesday, Field Trip to Downtown Newnan


  • 7th, Wednesday, Parent Portal training, 5:30
  • 8th, Thursday, 1st Nine-Weeks ends
  • 8th, Thursday, Starlite Spirit Night, 4-8
  • 9th &12th, No School
  • 13th, Tuesday, Spirit Day: Celebrity and Iconic Figure Day
  • 13th, Tuesday, Stevie B's Spirit Night
  • 14th, Wednesday, Spirit Day: Beach Day
  • 15th, Thursday, Spirit Day: Disney Day
  • 15th, Thursday, Title 1 Meeting, 6:30
  • 16th, Friday, Spirit Day, School Spirit Day
  • 23rd, Friday, Fall Festival

APTT Goal - Counting to 100 . I will start testing rote counting to 30 this week.

Our Academic Parent Teacher Team goal is for each students to count to 100. Below are the resources I shared at the meeting earlier this month. I will keep this resource on our newsletter until our students have met this goal.
Blendspace -counting to 100

Click on the button to take you to the Blendspace web site

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples

These students made a perfect score on ALL of their ELA tests this week:

  • Wryson, Elizbeth, Evelyn,

These students made a perfect score on their Letter Recognition Test:
  • Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, John, Jackson, Valerie, Destiny, Khairi, Michael

These students made a perfect score on their Spelling Test:

  • Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Valerie, Brianna

These students made a perfect score on their Sight Word Fluency:

  • Wryson, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, Jackson, Khairi, Brianna

Math Assessments: These students have passed 3 assessments and have earned MASTERY on these standards:

Positional Words:

  • Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Hunter, Jackson, Valerie, Tyler, Khairi, Brianna

Describes shapes as solids (3D) or flats (2D):

  • Wryson, Jada, Romel, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, John, Shamara, Hunter, Jackson, Valerie, Austin, Tyler, Destiny, Khairi, Conner, Michael, Brianna, Tedrin

Names 2D shapes:

  • Wryson, Jada, Romel, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, John, Hunter, Jackson, Valerie, Khairi, Michael, Tedrin

Names 3D shapes:

  • Wryson, Jada, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, Hunter, Jackson, Valerie, Austin, Destiny, Khairi, Michael, Brianna, Tedrin

Rote Count to 30

Labeling Sets: 0-20

Congratulations to all of my Golden Apples

Hats for the Letter "H"

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Stay Safe and Be Healthy

In our unit on health and safety, the students made Public Service Announcements for the Pre-K class to teach them about ways to stay safe and be healthy. Please click on the buttons below to watch these PSAs. (You may have to wait for the videos to completely load before they will play, but it's worth the wait!)
School Safety

Brought to you by Destiny, Wryson, Dazarus, and Elizabeth

Fire Safety

Brought to you by John, Jada, Khairi, Austin, Shamara

Car Safety

Brought to you by Brianna, Andreveon, Hunter, Evelyn, Romel

Be Healthy

Brought to you by Conner, Michael, Tedrin, Tyler