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Creating a Contact Group - 5/14/13

Have a group of people you email frequently and you want to create a group to make this process more efficient?

Here's how to add an a contact group to your Outlook Exchange.

After you have logged into OWA look for Contacts in the bottom left corner. Click Contacts. This will open your Address Book.
Now let's create a Group. Click the arrow to the right of New and click group from the Menu. I tend to prefer this option. If I just click New it automatically defaults to an individual contact NOT a group.
Now give your group a name. Make sure you name it something you will remember. If the group is one that will expire at the end of the year, you may want to consider putting a year in the name.
Next, add your members to your group. Start typing in the name of the person you want to add next to Members. Then press return or click Add to Group.

Types of people you can add to your group:
  • HCPSS Staff Members
  • Outside of HCPSS Contacts you have added as individual contacts
  • Outside of HCPSS Contacts that you haven't added as individual contacts - just type the email address and click add to group.

NOTE: If you are trying to add a HCPSS staff member and they are not coming up, click Members and search for them in the directory.
Click Save and Close when you are finished.
You should now see your new contact in your address book. If you don't, then check to make sure that you have All or Groups selected on the top left.

Emailing a Group

There are two ways that I found to send an email to a group.

Option 1: In your Mail, open a new message. In the To: start typing the name of your group, then click the Check Names button to have Outlook Check your Contacts for the name.
Option 2: From your Contacts list above, click the contact that you want to email. Their information will open on the right side of the screen or in a new window depending on your viewing options selected. Look for the little icon at the top that looks like a letter and an envelope. Click it to open a new email message to that person. You will see a new email message window will open and the group will be listed in the TO area.

Removing Someone From a Contact Group

You can always remove anyone from a group at any time. Go to your Contacts and double click the name of the group. Click once on the person you want to remove and then click Remove from Group. Remember to click Save and Close when you are finished!

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