Instructional Tech Talk

February 9, 2016

Important M-STEP Updates

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M-STEP Quick Facts

  • Adaptive testing (CAT) is new this year for Math and ELA

  • Science and Social Studies tests won't be adaptive but they will contain technology enhanced items for the first time

  • As of today, ELA testing will divide the CAT portion into 2 days (2 tickets)

  • 5th grade has an additional day for the ELA Performance Task. (The PT was the longer writing section last year)

  • Math Performance Tasks (PT) continue for all grades and are not adaptive

  • No classroom activities are required

  • The equation builder tool has been replaced with a "Keypad Input" tool

  • A navigation menu allowing students to specifically select or return to questions is now only available in Performance Tasks
  • Grades 3-5 are not permitted to use a calculator

Online Test Session Scheduling Clarification

New this year, online tests will remain open and available for testing until the student ends or submits his or her test. This means students will have the capability to exit their test at the end of a session and resume testing in another scheduled session during the 3-week grade-level window. Sessions can be scheduled on a single day or on multiple days. Students should exit the test without submitting, allowing them to finish at another time.

Practice with Sample Items

Sample Item Sets for Spring 2016 are available for grades 3-8 using the Chrome browser at: . Parents can also access the samples from home.

The SRintranet has updated links available under the student resource page for each elementary building. The M-STEP Student Prep slideshow is once again available to use with students. Updates are still being finalized but the majority of the information is ready to go. Feel free to use it as is or make a copy and adapt it for your own use.

Click the link below for access to the slideshow.

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Preparation Plan Schedule for SRSD

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