Central Road Chronicles

Staff Communication: Please Review 9/3/2021

A Note from Joanna and Lauren: We are Stronger Together!

Dear Central Road Staff,

Thank you for putting together informative and meaningful presentations for Parent Orientation Night. Our parent community appreciated the work each of you put forth to make our evening a success both virtually and in person. Your efforts are appreciated and noticed by both Lauren and me as well. Please take some time to review the information in our weekly staff communication. We all have been working hard and truly deserve the time off to recoup and rejuvenate! Please enjoy the long, holiday weekend with family and friends while remaining healthy too.

Vaccination Cards

Please kindly upload your vaccine card to Skyward if you have not done so already. If you are not vaccinated, more information will be coming out about weekly covid testing. We will work together to ensure proper procedures are adhered to.

Lunch in MPR

Starting on Tuesday, September 6th, we will begin having our first group of students eat in the MPR for lunch. Students were able to practice this week and establish their assigned seats for the month. Students will walk through the lunch time to pick up their lunch. The following classrooms/pods are scheduled to begin;

11:50-12:20 pm-Holmes, Marchetto and Cortes

12:20-12:50 pm-Klass, Cibulka, and Gonzalez

On Monday, October 4th, we will transition to our next group of students into the MPR for eating. Below are the classrooms who will participate for the month of October.

11:50-12:20 pm-Taylor, Pusateri, Dlatt

12:20-12:50 pm-Fior, Fink, Laabs

Please let us know if you have any questions about this transition. We hope both the students and staff enjoy this change of location.

Lunch Count Update

We are looking to make our process quicker and more efficient while also providing Megan with the reporting information she is required to submit to Nutritional Services. We will be moving to an overall count system starting on Monday, September 13th. The updated document will be shared next week with all classroom teachers. We currently have a few classes/grade levels "piloting" our new document and we appreciate the feedback. Though no system is perfect, we hope to make it a bit easier for all.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

They are scheduled for Monday, November 22 from 12-8 pm with a break from 4-5 pm or 4:30-5:30pm. On Tuesday, November 23rd, our hours will be 8-12 pm. We plan to have parents sign up for P/T conferences in an electronic format that Lauren and I are happy to create for each teacher so this is off your plates. We plan to use Sign Up Genius. If you prefer to create your own electronic sign up, please let us know via email. We do not have confirmation at this time if P/T conferences will be held in person and/or virtually. We will receive more information shortly and we will share when we do. Electronic P/T conference sign up forms will be available to send out in the coming week(s). Please let us know if you have any questions.

Red Emergency Folders

Each classroom/teaching space should have a red emergency folder coupled with an orange emergency bag. Updated, red folders were placed in mailboxes this week. We will also use green and red cards when we go outside for any safety drills. We will be holding a fire drill during the week of September 13th. We have our first crisis and safety meeting on 9/10.


Please note that bus/transportation routes are noted in IC for both parents and staff to view. Change requests can take 1-3 weeks to be honored/adjusted. We are working hard with our transportation department to make any needed adjustments regarding routes, bus arrivals, and departures. Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks with our transportation department.

Teacher Evaluation Updates

Non-tenured teachers and Year 2 tenured staff should begin working on their SLOs. Please schedule your SLO meeting with Joanna/Lauren by 9/30 as final SLOs are due by that time.

We look forward to discussing your SLO plans for the 21-22 school year together!

Non-tenured and Year 1 teachers will participate in a 15 minute informal observation in the coming weeks/months.

Parent/Student Handbook 2021-2022

Please take a moment to review our Parent/Student Handbook 2021-2022. You will find information pertinent to District 15 as a whole in this handbook which is shared yearly.

Certification-Staff and Students

Staff will self-certify themselves daily.

Students will certify in the same way as they did last year. Each child should have a lanyard at this time. Please kindly remind your students and parents to SELF-CERTIFY their child(ren) each morning before school. We are trying hard to ensure each student has a signed lanyard before entering our building each day. Your gentle reminder will go a long way as the health and safety of all is our top priority. We too are including a reminder in our upcoming parent communication. Thank you for doing so.

Important Dates

  • Friday, September 3rd Team Plan (NO CPDU)
  • Monday, September 6th - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, September 7th-Tier 1 Instruction & School Organization @8:00-8:30am
  • Wednesday, September 8th- Tier 1 Climate and Culture @11:50 am
  • Wednesday, September 8th-Board of Education Meeting @ 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday, September 15th-PTA Meeting @7:00pm
  • Thursday, September 9th Tier 1- Continuous Improvement Team @8:00 am
  • Friday, September 10th- Crisis and Safety Meeting @8:00 am
  • Friday, September 10th-Faculty Meeting @2:40 pm
  • Friday, September 17th-Team Plan @2:40 pm

Health and Safety (Subject to Change)

The health and safety of our students is our top priority. We continue to encourage good hand washing and physical distancing at school. Students are wearing masks inside the building at all times except when eating. Masks are optional for students during the noon hour when outdoors. If a student in your classroom is sick, please ask parents to keep him/her at home for the safety of all. We will work together regarding next steps for returning back to school if ill. We will follow up with an email to staff who service the student. Also, SHIELD covid testing for students has been delayed until after Labor Day-more to come.

At this time, each staff member should know if a student they teach or service has a medical condition. If you are not clear, please let me know as I have a master list of our building's medical needs.

Please note we do have an active covid dashboard.

D15 COVID Dashboard

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Nurse Amita Patel

Welcome to New Staff to Central Road!

Thank you for welcoming our new staff to Central Road!

  • Wendy Walther, Social Worker (2 days a week)

  • Lynn Proska, Program Assistant working with grades 1&2

  • John Sanko-Tech Support

  • Sue Callahan-Speech and Language Pathologist (supporting Kerry Burns 1x a week)

Openings to fill:

  • TBD, Program Assistant

  • TBD, Program Assistant

  • TBD, Program Assistant

  • TBD, Office Clerical

Monthly Committee Notes

More to come each month!

Technology Information

Instructional Tech Slides-Please Review

Important Instructional Technology Updates

There have been several changes to the way we roster and access our digital tools. Please see this deck for more information.



Quick Sheet Information

Below are a few highlights that we would like everyone to be aware of related to our fall assessments coming up.

  1. MAP Testing- This will interfere with schedules. There is a prep schedule change spreadsheet located within the schedule.
  2. K-1 CBM Date has moved to Thursday, September 2nd & Friday, September 1st. I apologize that this is a change from the original message that was put out.
  3. Virtual Students will take assessments at home rather than be scheduled to come in person
  4. ALL Students get to take Math MAP with text to speech. Students will be required to have headphones for this. We are purchasing additional pairs to house in the office for classes that might need them. Please encourage your students to bring their headphones for testing
  5. 2-6th CBM Testing Schedule- TBD based on the numbers from MAP
  6. Library Times- Jeanne will work with teachers who might miss their library time due to MAP testing

Teaching and Learning


Thank you to everyone for reviewing the SOPPA information this past early-release Friday. From teacher suggestions, we have already added and secured data privacy agreements for 7 tools to our LearnPlatform Library. If you have questions, please submit a Helpdesk ticket with a SOPPA request or contact the SOPPA team.

As a friendly reminder, the updated D15 Instructional Time Allocations include a few updates:

  • Additional time during the literacy and math block for increased small group support.

  • Separation of science and social studies time to accommodate the delivery of native content during social studies.

For 4-6th grade teams, please note that native content delivery requires a certain amount of time every day. The time for social studies delivery must occur for 40 mins, 4 days a week to allow students support in native content. The 5th day of native content support is delivered during writing time.

Online Curriculum Resources

Please enter a help desk ticket to data services for issues with logins.

Non-classroom teachers should follow THESE instructions for logging into curricular materials.

Curricular Material Delivery Updates

We appreciate those who have reached out to request additional FPC materials. All items have been ordered and will be delivered as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can share materials. Additional Updates:

  • Kindergarten PWS packets are being reprinted and sent to schools this week.

  • 5th and 6th grade PWS packets will be delivered to our building this week

  • Here is where we are at with FPC teacher materials. Missing something? Fill out this form.

  • Illustrative Math Teacher Editions for 6th grade teachers have been ordered and will be delivered ASAP

  • **NEW** Future K-6 PWS Packets should be requested through the Consumable Ordering Form by Joanna/Lauren. Please let us know that you need these at least 3 weeks prior to their delivery day.

Coach’s Corner-Lori Schmidt 9/3/2021

Scope and Sequence

On Friday, you will find a paper copy of each of the scope and sequence charts that can be found on the Teaching and Learning website in your mailbox. They are easier to read when they are on ledger paper, but don’t forget that online they have active links to different resources!

FPC At-a-Glance

Check out this link to see the FPC At-a-Glance doc that has information about F&P resources, school resources and district resources - links are included to the Reading Minilesson pdfs (on the Scope and Sequence) and the PWS teacher guide!

Bookmark Organization

With all the links and docs and slide decks we use on a regular basis, if you are looking for a way to organize your bookmark bar to hold all your things, let me know and we can look at some ways to make the things you use most often more easily accessible to you!

Typing Sites

Two typing sites were just added to the SOPPA approved list! You can safely use these two sites if you are interested in typing practice.


Typing program (includes games)

Progress through the levels, play games and take typing tests to increase your accuracy and speed. Teachers can create classes and monitor student progress on this site. Students can log in with their Google account.


Gamified, data-driven activities help master keyboarding skills.


Are you responsible for completing an SLO for your evaluation this year? Check out this SLO resource! If you would like a thought partner in developing, implementing or reflecting on your SLO, please let me know when you have time to get together!

Partnership Sign Up

I love hearing from you and being in the classroom! Keep the pop-ins and emails coming my way! Another way that you can schedule time together is this appointment calendar that you can access any time. I have notifications set up so I will see when you fill in a slot and then I’ll follow up with you!


Sixth Grade Second Step Teacher Access

We are expected to have digital access renewed to Second Step for 6th grade teachers by early next week. In the meantime, teachers may utilize other resources available in the SEL Scope and Sequence.

MENTOR SIGN UP-thank you for considering to help out!

CR PBIS Referral Form 21-22-please use like in years past!

Crayon Project a resource shared by Malissa Jarosz


District 15 SEL Website

Thank you for completing point sheets for students who require on-going feedback during the day. Please kindly complete them by 3:05 pm so that program assistants and staff are able to check out students in a timely fashion while providing positive praise and constructive feedback as needed.

Special Education

We have started our fall benchmarking window soon. Please kindly review any 504s or IEPs of students who may require testing accommodations.

When holding IEP or 504 meetings with families, a sub will be provided to classroom teachers so that teacher(s) can be present for these important meetings.

ESPA-Program Assistants

  • Thank you for stepping up and helping in various ways throughout our week. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  • Thank you so much for helping out with lunch and recess!

Community Outreach and PTA

  • Please consider joining our amazing PTA for our 21-22 school year. You can sign up and pay directly via the link below https://crsptail.memberhub.com/store/items/17192 Thank you for considering!

  • Community Event at Falcon Park Sept. 11th

  • Central Road Spirit Wear Store Information

  • Career Fair! District 15 will be holding a Career Fair on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 from 12:00-3:00pm at the Palatine Library, 700 N. North Ct. in Palatine. Come apply onsite! We are looking for the following positions:

    - Bus Drivers - no experience necessary; paid training; free benefits (employee only); pension; paid holidays

    - Substitute Teachers and Substitute Program Assistants - set your own schedule!

    - Full time Program Assistants

    - Office and Library Clericals

    - Maintenance/Laborers/Custodians

    - And more!

    Please contact Chanell Lopez at lopezc@ccsd15.net or Lori Thum at thuml@ccsd15.net with any questions.