Ethical Impacts of Gun Violence

Extremely limiting the access to guns

Facts of Gun Violence

  • Economically the cost of gun violence is on the border of $100 billion per year

  • In 2002, 71.1% of murders 42.1% of robberies and 19% of aggravated assaults committed in the United States involved firearms

  • In 2001, nearly 30,000 Americans died as a direct result of gunfire, whether by murder, suicide, or accident

  • An additional 63,012 Americans were injured by firearms and 1433 youths under the age of 18 were killed by firearms

  • The biggest problem for gun control today is a number 300 million which is roughly the number of guns there are in civilian hands today

  • Each year there are more than 28,000 fatal gunshot victims in the United States

Ethical Ideas supporting gun control

An action of determining the best rule to follow in a certain situation that produces the better outcome.

In this situation, John Stuart Mills would say keeping guns from citizens is just because it creates the better outcome.

The minority being the people that posses firearms and the majority would be the people who don't own any firearms.

Human Dignity

#1 principle on the list of Catholic social teachings

Human dignity is about respecting the human person and their rights as humans

In this situation, respecting the human rights of safety and simply living is far more important than the civil right of bearing arms.