3rd Grade News! September Updates

from Mrs. Maharajh, Mrs. Molinari, and Mrs. Walczyk

Welcome to Third Grade!

September has been an exciting month with new friends, new routines, new expectations, and new opportunities. The students are adapting well to switching classes for Language Arts and Math & Science. It is exciting to have this new opportunity in our grade!


In Science we are studying living and non-living things. We learned what characteristics a living organism has (respires, reproduces, grows, needs food, needs water) and have observed many different things to determine their category and looked at the differences between plant and animal cells. We are now moving into life cycles and have started an experiment to answer the question "How does different amounts of light affect a plant's growth?"

Social Studies

Students have been learning about the different communities they are a part of including family, neighborhood, school, and township. Acts of Kindness are a way that we have been practicing being active citizens. Working together to support our local Franklin Township food bank is a project we just started working on.


Back to School Night: September 30th at 7:00 pm

Homework: Please check daily to make sure homework is completed. Be sure to sign your child's agenda book and reading log nightly.

Words that Rock! Encourage your child to use these new vocabulary words!

September 7th: rockstar

September 14th: cancelled

September 21st: standing ovation

September 28th: harmony

September Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Kyrill, Jiya, and Margaret!
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