The Olympics

The Olympics Facts and Questions.

Why is the Olympics important

The olympics were important because it was first recognized by scholars that the Olympics was first made by Greece.

How did the Olympics contribute to the society

The Olympics contributed to the society by starting a event that would keep going to this very day and the olympics were made an official event in 1896.

6 Interesting Facts

1. Did you know the olympics didn't do all the stuff they do know all they did in Greece was a 210 yards race but then when it became so popular the made more event in the Olympics including wrestling, longer race, jumping a javelin throwing.

2. The olympics in Greece was a funeral celebration for the spirits who had died.

3. The olympics were not done again until 1896 and it has been split into two olympics the winter and the summer olympics.

4. The olympics go on every 4 years because the Greeks thought it was such an important event that they made it every 4 years called olympiads.

5. Another reason why the olympics were made is to honor the Greek god Zeus.

6. When Rome conquered Greece the games never happened again until the olympics were brought back into existents in 1896 continuing until today.