Year 10 Bulletin

Summer term – 18/06/21

Thought of the week

Life is filled with many obstacles, and sometimes, it seems impossible just to stay on top of things. With pressure on you to perform at school, keep up with chores at home, and maintain your personal lives, there is no end in sight to life’s tests. Some mornings you might not want to come to school, however, if you shift your perspective a bit, you will see that every day is another opportunity to have a positive impact on our lives. Every new day brings with it a chance to start anew to not dwell on things that didn’t go your way. We go through tough moments in life to fully appreciate the beauty surrounding us every day. Just because you feel it might not be the best day you have every opportunity to make it the next day, great day.

Key Information this week

Upcoming dates for the diary;

  • Monday 28th June – Teaching and learning afternoon. Students leave the academy at 12.30pm
  • Thursday 1st July – Alton Towers rewards trip
  • Friday 2nd July – INSET day. Students will not attend the academy.
  • Wednesday 7th July – Sports day.
  • Monday 12th July – Celebration assemblies.
  • Friday 16th July – Students finish for summer holidays and leave the academy at 12 pm

Following an academy vote we are pleased to announce that from September the girls will also be wearing a tie. This goes to show that our students are proud of our uniform and academy, our students even more recognisable in the local community. Team SUA!!

Head of Key Stage message

Well done year 10 for showing maturity last week during our academy exams. These exams were really important in preparing you for the real examinations next year. They also allow us to monitor your progress and achievement in what has been a very challenging year. Your results will be shared with your families over the coming weeks. We have a very busy few weeks ahead of us, as the new year 11 you will be expected to act responsibly and be the role models to the rest of the academy.

We have been lucky enough to experience our 3rd session with Learning Performance. The man with the orange tie – Steve Beckles-Ebusua visited and delivered and extremely engaging session on improving our memory and revision techniques in preparation for next year.

Let’s have an amazing end to this academic year and enjoy ourselves.

Tutor message

Blue Welcome back Year 10 to your final half-term before you officially become year eleven. 10 Blue have made such an incredible start by wearing the correct uniform and being prepared for the school day. The majority have settled well into their mock exams this week and have had the opportunity to experience the expectations and formal procedures in preparation for next year. As a Year 10 form tutor it has been such a pleasure to see how mature and responsible most of you have been this year and acting as the role models to the rest of our academy. We have lots of activities to look forward to at the end of the academic year and I am really looking forward to the Alton Towers trip that is booked on 1st July. Year 10 will also have the opportunity to partake in Sports Day again this summer and I hope all of 10 Blue will get involved and give their very best. It would be nice to actually win for the final time as a tutor group. Also, I would like 10 Blue to start thinking about our stall for the Summer Fair that is in the calendar for the final week that will raise money for good causes.

Green: Welcome back, guys, hope you enjoyed your mostly sunny week off! Let's hope that continues through as long as it can for the rest of the year. What also continues is the need for hard work, self-motivation and dedication, as you've returned to a week of exams! Do your best, stay strong throughout them and ask for any help or support if you need it during this busy period

A lot of things to look forward to this half term, including your trip to Alton Towers, at which I hope you have a great time. You also now have the new responsibility and distinction of being the top year group in the school, soon to officially be Y11. This is a badge of honour and one I'm sure you'll wear proudly as ambassadors for the rest of the school. It's especially been good to see you recently interacting with Y7, who look up to you as the role models you can be.

Purple: Welcome back 10 Purple! It is great to see all of you well rested and ready to tackle the summer term ahead. This term is just as important as the rest of the academic year so keep up the hard work right until the end! This half term I would like to see 10 Purple thinking about year 11 and their future prospects, you are now leading the school and I hope that you will be the exemplary students that I know you can be for the lower key stages. Unfortunately, there have been a few isolated issues this week during the exams, I wanted to give you a gentle reminder that next year these behaviours will not be tolerated, and your exams will not be counted! Learn from your mistakes and move on to being the punctual, respectful and hardworking year group that you have proved many a time you can be. Keep smiling!

Yellow: We have now entered our final half term of the academic year. You deserve a huge amount of credit for how you have handled this year. This first week back you have all faced mock exams. At times some of the behaviour has been a little sub-par when entering the exam hall for a minority, but you have all worked extremely hard and have put maximum effort into your mock exams. It is important that in this final half term we do not allow our high standards to slip, you now set the standard for the rest of the school and it is important that you are positive role models for the younger students of the Academy. I have no doubt you will again do our tutor group proud in the remainder of this academic year. Let’s keep it up and finish the year on a high!!

Red: It has been a great start to the final half term of the academic year with students in 10 Red showing their commitment to their own learning in preparation and in undertaking their end of year exams. This has been further shown in their efforts in preparing our form assembly, I was really impressed with the students who have volunteered to present this in front of their peers in the coming week. Behaviour continues to improve as we march on towards Year 11 and it is lovely to see more and more students qualifying for our weekly 100% ratio form reward prize draw. If we keep this level of focus and commitment, I have no doubt it will be an outstanding end to a difficult year.

The Quiz

In each bulletin there will be a quiz for you to take part in with your families. Please email your answers to . ClassChart points will be awarded for all correct entries and the highest scores.

This week’s topic is Marvel films. Which Character made the following quotes. Bonus points available if you can also name the film.

1. Who said: “The city is flying. We’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense.”

2. Who said: “That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always angry.”

3. Who said: “No amount of money ever bought a second of time.”

4. Who said: “No man can win every battle, but no man should fall without a struggle.”

5. Who said: “Guns. So primitive.”

6. Who said: “I'm with you 'til the end of the line.”

7. Who said: “I get emails from a raccoon, so nothing sounds crazy.”

8. Who said: “Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.”

9. Who said: “Let me know if ‘real power' wants a magazine or anything.”

10. Who said: “You call me ‘young lady' again, I'll shove my foot up somewhere it's not supposed to be.”

11. Who said: “I would rather be a good man than a great king.”

12. Who said: “Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand.”

Sports Challenges

Whilst we are enjoying this mazing weather, get outdoors and try these challenges with your families.
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