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Large Magnetic Whiteboard For The Office and Beyond

A Large Whiteboard is often seen as an office essential. Many businesses will depend on some form of notice board for presentations and many other day to day uses. Read on to find out more about the ways in which magnetic dry wipe boards, especially the larger sized boards can be used effectively in your workplace.

The main purpose of a dry wipe board is to display information to staff and/or visitors in businesses, but it is the type of information that varies across different business and office types. Whiteboards are often used to display general notices and information such as sales targets, rotas, staff notices, and they can even be used to keep up to date with the latest lottery numbers! The advantage of a whiteboard as a notice board over any other type of board, such as pin boards, is that your information can be kept up to date easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

Whiteboards mean there is no more printing out of notices to pin up in the office or staff rooms, so no more wasting valuable office paper! You can simply erase the out of date or incorrect information and start over again. A Large Magnetic Whiteboards can also be effectively used in meeting rooms. They are the perfect tool for presentations and brainstorming sessions. A whiteboard gives your audience something to focus on meaning you keep their attention for longer and they take in what you write down, so be sure to make note of all key points when presenting in future.

By displaying a large whiteboard in your workplace you can ensure that you will never run out of room so can keep all the required information in one place, and at a reasonable sized text so that it is easily read by staff! The largest stock sizes of whiteboards are 180x120cm and 240x120cm, but if a larger board is required then this can be easily resolved by contacting suppliers who can provide a bespoke large whiteboard. Many companies can make boards to order in the UK, and we are happy to quote on this service ourselves. If you require a board larger than the stock size then you will need to bear in mind that it will be a 2 piece board.

These are manufactured with the aluminium frame covering 3 sides of each section of whiteboard and then when wall mounting you simply butt them together to make one complete board. Sometimes they will be joined with a connecting strip. If this is the case you will also need to be aware that this strip will run all the way down the board and will not be drywipe or magnetic and if using the board for projection purposes it will not project onto either. All these points aside, it is still an excellent option for a large magnetic whiteboard and often the only way around it.


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