Come see the 20's

By: Hunter Billings

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trying to get u to buy cigarettes. and to advertise

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the women changed the look. they were considered a hussy.

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the mafia was a gang. was mean and ruthless guys. pretty cool though

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making new jobs. and making so many the poor could buy them.

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the building got taller and more came. busy and crowded with cars around.

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women wanted to vote. they wanted equal rights.

Key terms from the 20s

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-organization dedicated to equality and justice for African American and other racial groups

Harlem Renaissance
a movement in African American arts, music and literature- increased racial pride and political organization.

The Great Migration
Movement of African Americans (mostly farmers) from the rural south to the urban north (mostly to work in factories).

Mass Media
radio, movies, newspaper and magazines aimed at broad audiences

the term for the "modern" woman of the 1920's-short hair, short skirts, smoked in public.

The Lost Generation
term for the young men and women who lived a spiritually empty, materialistic lifestyle.

the law made by the 18th Amendment which outlawed alcohol.

When a farmer works and lives on land owned by someone else. The owner provides equipment and seeds, and receives a share of the farmer's crop.

Boll Weevil
an insect which wiped out crops of farmers during the 1920's.

the belief that animals and people developed from lower life forms over millions of years.

the belief that the world and people were created by God.

Ku Klux Klan
a racist group who were against Jewish, Catholic, African-American, and Immigrant peoples-wore white robes.

the idea that one's native land needs to be protected from immigrants.

Mass Production
making a lot more goods than ever before through machines and factories

Assembly Line
dividing the tasks of making things into smaller parts- makes production faster and cheaper

Disposable Income
extra money people have to buy more stuff

Teapot Dome Scandal
When Albert Fall, secretary of the interior, accepted bribes from private businesses to access land with large amounts of oil.

The idea that the US would be safer and more prosperous by staying out of the business of the rest of the world.

a musical style based in syncopated rhythms and improvisational styles.

a style of music known for its soulful style