Library News for Teachers

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Fair is almost here!!!

The Book Fair is coming up in just a few short weeks. We will start decorating the outside of the library around the week of September 15th. The fair will be delivered and set up on Thursday, September 17th. I would like to invite all teachers to come and preview the fair on Friday, September 18th. You will make your classroom wish list also.

The Book Fair is also an online shopping event. Teachers can make wish lists on the book fair website, and then email a link to parents. Parents can purchase those books from your list and others through the website. Those books will be delivered to school after the fair is over. I will send out a link and some directions on how to do that on Monday, September 15th.

Please promote the Book Fair to your students and families! Make sure to add it to your newsletter. This is a big even that benefits the entire school and promotes reading as well.

Image Searches for Students

Many times we let student search for photographs or images on Google. When students do this there is a chance that the images that appear are not appropriate. Try using and Flickr Commons as an option at the top for Safe Search.

Social Studies Units-Optional Literature

In the new units and activities, there are some suggestions for Optional Literature. I have gone through every grade level's unit 1 activities to look at the Optional Literature titles. I have checked to see which of those titles that we have here in the library. I will continue to do this for all of the other units and activities as they are posted.

Loan boxes from Historic Arkansas Museum

The loan boxes are free to check out. Each with a different theme, boxes contain reproduction objects to touch, feel and use to better understand pioneer living and technology. Books and print materials expand on the topic.

Below is a link to the website that includes information about each loan box. If you would like me to reserve one of these boxes, please let me know. I will also pick it up and drop it off for you.