Innovation Center

February 2018

Literacy Week Highlights

The innovation center was bustling during Literacy Week in January. In the makerspace area, students crafted their own bookmarks and folded old books into different shapes. (Did you know how easy it is to turn a book into a hedgehog?!) Also, the therapy dogs returned for students to read wordless books to them. With wordless books, students had to rely on the graphics and their own imaginations to craft a story.

A drawing was held for a different autographed book each day. Students also participated in the daily scavenger hunt to find wrapped books hidden on the shelves. Twenty books were given away to students that week. Ms. Ratliff recently attended the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in Denver and picked out over 150 new middle grade books to bring back. Students will have opportunities to win books during National Library Week in April.

Instructional Partnerships

Phase 1 of Upcyclothon 2018 is complete. Ms. Loerch's and Mrs. Ziegler's classes first watched Caine's Arcade, which sparked the creative cardboard movement. If you need a a quick hit of inspiration, check it out: Then the classes made cardboard windballs. Students used geometry, engineering, and teamwork to form the windballs (rhombicosidodecahedrons, geometrically speaking).

Phase 2 will start in quarter 4 in which students will design their own cardboard creations. Students can work individually or in small groups. They will submit their ideas in the Innovation Center Google Classroom (code: ad45gj). Once student projects are approved, students will start construction during research. This opportunity is not limited just to Mrs. Ziegler's and Ms. Loerch's classes. If you know students who would be interested, please direct them to the Google Classroom.

Phase 3 will be the project showcase where students will present and display their creations in the innovation center. A panel of students, teachers, and administrators will then judge the students' work for a variety of awards. If you are interested in helping, let Ms. Ratliff know!

Are you in need of a partner for a class project? Ms. Ratliff is committed to having a Future Ready library, so don't hesitate to form an instructional partnership today!

Shelf Awareness

One way to combat apathy and help struggling learners is through comics! Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales is a historical graphic novel series that will both entertain and teach students about American history. Some of the topics in the series include the Donner Party, the Alamo, and the original Nathan Hale, an American soldier & spy during the Revolutionary War. Check them out today!

Overdue notices were placed in teacher boxes on Monday. Please pass them out during homeroom and remind students that there is a book drop bin in the cafeteria.

Future Launches

  • Upcylothon 2018 phases 2 & 3 will take place during March and April in the innovation center.
  • Sunshine State Book Club finished their third book this month. In March, sixth grade is reading The Nest. Seventh grade is reading Omega City. Eighth grade is reading The Shadows of Sherwood. Book club meets during research every Wednesday and Thursday for 30 minutes. It's not too late for students to join!
  • National Library Week is April 9th-13th. Our final Read to Me event with the dogs will tentatively take place this week. There will also be book giveaways and literacy-themed events with prizes.
  • Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) Voting will take place on Wednesday, April 11th from 1:00-2:00. Once again, the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections will provide real ballots and ballot machines. Students must have read at least 3 books from this year's list of books to be eligible to vote.
  • The 2017-2018 SSYRA Winner & the 2018-2019 SSYRA List will be announced on April 20th!
  • Battle of the Books will take place on Saturday, May 12th at Washington High School. Students from the SSYRA book club will be quizzed on their knowledge of the 2017-2018 SSYRA books.

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"Without libraries, what have we? We have no past and no future." --Ray Bradbury