Newsletter for May 2022

What's happening at the winery.......

Thanks to all of you who visited the winery this past month. You've kept us busy pouring wine and we appreciate your patronage. Trent the Winemaker has been busy with his usual duties: tasting, testing and racking. We plan to bottle our new Rose' and new Petite Sirah in the next week or so. Please contact John at this email address if you're interested in helping. john@missioncellars.net

Our current Rose' is almost gone so if you love it (and who doesn't......) then head on down to The Mission and grab a few bottles before it's too late. Our new Rose' will be good, as well, but each vintage is a little different. We also have a new Petit Verdot coming along and will be ready for bottling soon. If you keep enjoying our wines then we'll keep making them. How about that for a deal?

We'd like to wish all of you Ladies a Happy Mother's Day on May 8th. The winery will be handing out flowers to each Mother, and of course, we'll have live music that day. Enjoy the day Ladies and thanks for all that you do! We love you all.

Heard at the winery.......

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Traveling soon?

Don't forget to send us a picture of a Mission Cellars bottle at your vacation spot so we can post it on our website. We have a special place under "More" and "Where in the world is Mission Cellars". We'll post your picture in our growing collage of exotic places around the globe. Check it out sometime. This shot is from Virginia Beach, Virginia where Charlene was hanging out for a few days.

Painting Event

Many thanks to our friends at HOOKED ON PAINTING for holding the Paint and Sip Event at The Mission on April 20th. It was a huge success and a lot of fun too, as you can see from the pictures below. There are 2 more Paint and Sip Events coming up this month. The first one is being held on May 5th to paint a skull in honor of Cinco de Mayo and The Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico. Paint a very cool skull that you get to keep for your Cinco de Mayo party next year. The second event is for the California Sunset painting on May 18th (shown below).

Register at www.hookedonpainting.com/venue/mission-cellars/ The cost of the class is $35 per person and it's not too late to register.

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Did you know....?

Here's some info for you on wine labeling.

~If a wine label lists a grape variety, them 75% of the wine must be that varietal. 25% may be other grapes blended in to support the main variety.

~If a label bears a date, that is the year the grapes were picked and 95% of the grapes must be from that year.

~At Mission Cellars, we have 4 blends - our Steam Engine, our Red Blend #1, our Reserve Blend (or Bordeaux Blend) and the only white one we have is our "White Blend" made from Verdelho and Viognier. It's great with food. Give it a try the next time you're at The Mission.

Music Schedule for May

Here's the schedule for May. We hope you enjoy the line up.

May 8th - Younger Cole Band

May 15th - Amber Durbin

May 22nd - Eicher Trio

May 29th - Still negotiating this date. Watch for Facebook and Instagram posts to come.

The music is playing from 2:30 to 4:30PM on Sunday afternoon's. We hope you'll come out to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio with some great entertainment. There's NO cover charge and we're open to everyone. You're welcome to bring food or you can order it from the local restaurants. The Hop Stop, Smokin Js, The Hamburger Factory and Wholly Crepe are all available for food service. You can't beat that!

Burger Night

Friday, May 20th, 4-8pm

14053 Midland Road

Poway, CA

Burger Night is great time to get out and enjoy the evening while having a fresh grilled burger and a glass of wine. What could be better? The burgers from Filhart Beef are farm raised by his family in Michigan and IT'S DELISH! You won't find better quality or tastier meats. I'm drooling already.

This is an open event so anyone can attend. We hope to see you there.

Thank you for reading our Newsletter. See you soon at The Mission!