Man's Best Friend.

Why you should get a dog.

Have you heard the saying “A man’s best friend.” That is why you should get a dog and they are man’s best friend. A dog has good behavior, their playful, and love to cuddle with their owner.


A dog’s behavior is good, bad, and even funny. A dog is happy around their owner so they will jump on you. When a dog wants something they will bark at you or something. A dog can get you a new best friend because when they pass somebody they sniff. “Dogs learn about a dog by sniffing them” (page 29)


Dogs love to play games with their owner. “A favorite doggy game is keep-away” (page 25) with their owners. Dogs like to dig holes and that may make you a garden spot. “Puppies grew more active” (page 10) puppies are very playful when they are small.


Dog will sleep with you at any time “dogs spend about 10 hours a day sleeping.”(Page 21) dogs want their owners at night therefore they will cuddle with you. Dogs that have a lot of hair are a cuddly dog.

A man’s best friend is always a dog. Dogs have a good and bad behavior, their playful, and love to cuddle. That is why you should get a dog.