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Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian scientist born in Siberia in 1834, is known as the father of the periodic table of the elements. The periodic table of the elements is an important tool used by students and chemists around the world to help them understand and simplify the often complex world of chemical reactions.

Not only did Mendeleev arrange the periodic table of the elements, he also wrote and published a 2 volume chemistry book entitled Principles of Chemistry as there was no thorough chemistry textbook at the time. Mendeleev dedicated his life to research and education. Mendeleev made it his special responsibility to educate people wherever he went. When he traveled, Mendeleev would ride in the third class section of the train just to share findings with peasants over a cup of tea. Mendeleev died on January 20, 1907 at the age of 73.