Simon Birch Visual Project

Baylee Rezac

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There is a plan for everyone and everything happens for a reason.

In the movie, Simon says to Joe and Reverend Will, "God made me born this way for a reason." (Simon Birch) Simon was right, he was a hero. When that bus went down no one could control it but him. Kids weren't scared of him and they would listen to simon because of the way he looked. If Simon wasn't there, it would be all chaos on the bus and who knows, maybe not all of the kids would have survived.

Simon's Character

Simon was a round character in the story because Ben Goodrich says, "We talked about you because that's how we kept us from getting bored"(Simon Birch). Simon is a very funny, outgoing person, he was also extremely faithful. Jokes were something he did a lot and they would always make people laugh, he didn't even have to try and make jokes and people would be smiling and laughing. Simon had a disability and was shorter than all the rest of the kids but that didn't stop him from doing anything or saying anything and it made him strong. His change throughout the story was that he died, he was getting too sick and being in the coldness and the water didn't help and it made it worse for him.
Simon birch