5th Grade News Bennett Elementary

Week of December 14, 2015

What's Happening in ELAR/ Social Studies

In Reading, we will continue to work on identifying author's perspective and facts and opinions within text. We will continue to write poetry and will write a persuasive paper.

In Social Studies, students will work in groups to learn about the Constitution.

There are NO spelling words this week. Homework (attached below) is due on December 18th.

Please remember to let your teacher know if you want your child participating the optional Winter Challenge! We have attached an electronic copy, as well!

Attached below is a Six Flags Reading Log (students have received this already). All students should be spending time reading 6 hours and recording it on the Six Flags Reading Log. This log is due February 29th. ALL students need to strive to complete this!

What's Happening in Math/ Science

In Math, we will finish dividing fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by fractions. Then we will be ending the week calculating number patterns and graphing using x and y coordinates found through input/output tables. Information will be coming soon about optional math practice over the winter break.

In Science, we are launching our new unit, Space! We will also spend time reviewing our Energy District Assessment that we took last week.

Dowell Middle School Performance

On Monday, December 14, Dowell Middle School will present the Dramatic Performance, “The Emperors New Clothes” to Bennett 4th and 5th graders. This performance will begin at 1:15 in the Bennett Cafeteria. 5th grade lunch will begin at 12:45 to allow students to eat prior to the performance.

We look forward to this exciting introduction to one of our 7th grade elective choices!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, December 14th: 12:45p lunch for 5th graders; Dowell Performance at 1:15
  • Tuesday, December 15 – Taste it Tuesday
  • December 13-17th: Papa Murphy's Pizza Week!
  • Friday, December 18th: Friday Live @ 8:30am; Class parties from 1:45-2:30.
  • December 21- January 4th - Winter Break

Important Information