Technology at LV

Gage Hansen

Typing web

1. Typing web is an online typing program.

2. For the semester, we have to finish the intermediate course.

3. On typing web, you learn to type.


1. itrailer is an app that you can make movies and trailers.

2. On itrailer, you can make the trailers have different styles.

3. With this app, you can make a movie about anything.

Career Locker

1. Career locker is a website that you learn about careers.

2. On Career locker, you do tests to see what your job might be in the future.

3. For information, you can find out about jobs like what the salary is.

haiku deck

1. Haiku deck is an app on the iPad that you make presentations.

2. On this app, you choose styles of screens that you can put pictures on.

3. With this app, you learn how to make presentations

Explain Everything

1. Explain everything is an app that you can explain anything.

2. With this app, you draw, type, record, and add pictures.

3. On this app, you make videos and explain while you record.

Hour of code

1. Hour of code is a decoding typing website.

2. This website has code games.

3. On this website, there is a game called code combat that the is different levels.

Email etiquette

1. Email etiquette is a test we did to see how good we are with texting.

2. On this test, you read paragraphs and examples.

3. With this test, you answer questions about the passage.