BHS Parent Newsletter - November 13, 2020

Dates to Remember

Nov. 17 - Evacuation Drill

Nov. 20 - PBIS Training (Bullying ID/Prevention)

Nov. 23-27 - NO SCHOOL

Dec. 4 - Parent Engagement Workshop (PEW)

Dec. 4 - Class Meetings

Dec. 8-9 - Algebra 1 EOC

Dec. 14-18 - Homecoming Week

Hello, FSDB Families!

Greetings from the President in Spoken English - Nov. 13, 2020

Hello FSDB Families!

My name is Tracie Snow and I am the President of FSDB. I wanted to take a few minutes to share some information and updates with you.

Tropical Storm Eta
Wow! Just when you thought hurricane season was over, we had tropical storm Eta! The FSDB leadership team participated in multiple weather briefings from the National Weather Service and reviewed weather advisory notices throughout the week. I am so very grateful for the amazing and caring FSDB staff who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our students.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this past week. We hope the Skylerts, texts, phone calls, and emails as well as posts to social media and our website were timely and informative.

Staying Engaged

Since FSDB serves students from around the state, we know the unique challenge many parents may have in staying connected with FSDB. For many of you, FSDB is miles away from your home.

I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can stay engaged by visiting our FSDB website and following us on Social Media.

Alert Banner

The FSDB website will use our home page to announce any urgent information we want shared like weather alerts. You may have noticed the red alert banner being used this week with information related to Tropical Storm Eta. We also added a button which will take you directly to the archived alerts.

FSDB Web Pages
A great way to know what is happening at FSDB and staying engaged is to check out the various pages on our website. We have information specific to your child’s school, academics, parent services, student life, outreach, news, COVID-19, re-opening, the innovative learning environment, and admissions.

Leadership Page
Recently we added a new page to the website - FSDB Leadership. Here you will find the President’s welcome and announcements in English, ASL and Spanish as well as photos and information about the Administrative Team.

Social Media

If you are a social media user you can follow The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Each school also has their own Facebook Group you can join so you can see pictures, announcements, and happenings specific to your child’s school.

Staying Safe and Healthy

Our students and staff have been doing a wonderful job following our reopening plan. They have been staying socially distant, wearing face coverings, cleaning, washing their hands, and staying home when they feel sick. We ask that you continue to monitor your child’s health and if at any time they are feeling sick, please have them stay home. For more information, please check out our COVID-19 webpage.

Our Thanks

I would like to extend a heart-felt thanks from our entire FSDB school community to you and your family for choosing and trusting us to educate your child. We wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

From the principals banner

Mr. Cosgrove's Corner

Justin Cosgrove, Assistant Principal - BHS

A warm Thanksgiving greeting to all of our BHS families. It's hard to believe, but we will be heading into our Thanksgiving break in one week. I continue to be impressed with our students and staff as we navigate this school year. Our first quarter is behind us and report cards will be sent out this week. When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will have three weeks until winter break, which flies by, so please help your child stay on top of their schoolwork and encourage them to reach out to their teachers and staff if they need assistance. We all appreciate your support as we continue to strive toward helping your children succeed in school and beyond.

I would also like to recognize our Teacher of the Year for the 2021/2022 school year, Brigit Jensen. Ms. Jensen teaches Algebra and Intensive Math and has been with the Blind High School for 3 years. She taught in the Blind Middle School prior to joining our program. Congratulations Ms. Jensen!

Teacher of the Year Brigit Jensen in her Halloween costume holding balloons and certificate surrounded by last year's Teacher of the Year, Mr. Cosgrove, Ms. Bogue, and several students
Parent Services banner

Parent Engagement Workshop

Please join us for our next virtual Parent Engagement Workshop on December 4th at 10am.

Parent Engagement Workshops (PEW) are learning opportunities open to ALL FSDB parents, guardians, and caregivers. During PEW, we discuss current and relevant information about our school, parenting strategies, helpful resources and so much more. Please join us for these educational events, have a fabulous lunch on us, and meet other FSDB families.

Be sure to visit the FSDB Facebook page to view the agenda.

Access and Engagement 2: Survey to Examine the Education of Students with Visual Impairments during COVID-19

In spring 2020, 455 families and 1,028 TVIs and O&M specialists shared how COVID-19 was impacting the education of students with visual impairments. Read the Access and Engagement Report at

We want to understand the successes, challenges, and concerns of family members, TVIs, and O&M specialists now during the 2020-2021 school year.

Please take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the accessible survey by Nov. 22 at:

Why should you complete the survey?

• If your child or student is experiencing accessibility issues, we need to let companies, school districts, and policymakers know, so solutions can be developed and implemented.

• We need to know if children with visual impairments are progressing in their education. If children are not progressing, we need to advocate for additional services and time on their IFSPs and IEPs.

• We need to understand if children have the technology tools they need, Internet access, and if their family members have the skills to support students in their technology use. If they don’t, we need to advocate for changes.

• We need to understand the impact of online, hybrid and in person instruction on students with visual impairments, their families, and professionals. We need to develop a plan that ensures our students have success.

*This survey is sponsored by American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Big picture

PBS Winners

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized over the past two weeks for their efforts in demonstrating PBS (Positive Behavior Support) expectations. The teacher/staff member who recognized the student is also listed beside the nominated student:

Victoria T. and Lilie M. for being responsible and creative with their science work (Ms. Hanson)

Destiny E. for promptly alerting a staff member to a possible student concern (Ms. Costello)

Micah B. for responsibly engaging regularly in class as an ILE student (Ms. Costello)

Bailey T. for consistently being responsible, cooperative, independent, respectful, and a good self-advocate in her OJT position in the library (Ms. Joy)

Christian L. for offering suggestions for how to have Book Club in a safe way with access available to all (Ms. Joy)

Autumn B. and Parker L. for being helpful with moving 30 reams of paper from the classroom to the storage room (Ms. Cowan)

Jacob F. and Alexis F. for helping another student with their work (Ms. McManus)

Blind High School Student Wins Chili Competition

The customers have spoken! The Dragons Lair Cafe has tallied the votes for the student Chili Competition and the overall Best Chili Winner is Tre'Shaun Faison of Blind High School! Congratulations! Staff members from across campus enjoyed a great lunch and cast their votes for their favorite. Tre'Shaun was also named the winner of the Spiciest category by The Dragons Lair staff.

Chili Winner Tre'Shaun Faison and Cheering Teacher

Stress Management

Anna Tutak, Health and Adaptive PE Teacher

Our HOPE classes have been learning about stress and stress management this past week as part of mental/emotional health. My students in each class created a lengthy list of ideas on how to deal with stress. Here are just a few of their suggestions:

*develop a hobby

*go shopping


*draw and color

*listen to/write music


*pet animals



*play a video game


*talk to a friend/family


*play with bubble wrap

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