Payne Cork


A supernova can give off as much light as entire galaxy. The outer layers explode off the star and shoot into outer space. The major elements will eventually this matter will become apart of other planets.

How Long Will It Last

A supernova lats about 100 seconds it has a very short time span it will either turn into a nuneutron star or a black hole

How Hot It Gets

A super nova gets to be 100 Billion Kelvin thats equal to 6000 time hotter than the sun. Its 180 Billion degrease fahrenheit

How Big A Supernova Gets

A supernova can get to be 9,000 miles to 25,000 miles big thats 15,00 to 40,000 km per second

How Long Does It Take To Form

It can take up to 85 days to 2 years before ready to explode.

Is It Possible to see a supernova

It is possible to see a supernova but its unlikely for a big one to happen but we cant see the small ones
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