Media and Media Literacy

What does “media” mean to me and what it means to be “media literate”? by Ryan Miller

What does “media” mean to me and what it means to be “media literate”?

To me, “media” means mass communication like television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. It is a big impact and has a big impact on today’s world we live in. From social media, entertainment, sports, politics, etc., all these things have to do with media. Some media is useful and important. Some is not so useful, but entertaining. And which leads to my other point and question, to me, to be “media literate” means to enable people to analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. This basically means, to get a response off of a topic. When social networks, such as Twitter have trending topics, you are, or at least people are engaging in a certain topic, which people find to be somewhat to them important or just overall ENTERTAINING! Like for instance, this past week the BCS Vizio Championship game, FSU against Auburn, it was a trending topic on Twitter, which allowed a lot of fans and stand- byers to enjoy and enter a conversation between football lovers all around the world and or people who can view the game, it’s basically a big party just at tip of your fingertips, and everybody is invited. So, that’s what I think “media” and “media literate” mean to me and most people. Some people choose to be part of it, some people choose not to be part of it, it just all depends on the person.

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SuperBowl Commercial by Ryan Miller

Response to Tim Tebow's T-Mobile SuperBowl commercial

Tim Tebow in the commercial for T-Mobile, which aired during the 2014 Superbowl, communicates to viewers that even though Tim Tebow is not in the NFL currently, he’s still living life, which corresponds that you cannot have a contract and live free and good.

T-Mobile advertises/promotes no contract by depicting/ showing you can have a phone with no contract.

T-Mobile attempts to get viewers to go with T-mobile, because of the no contract in order to/ so that make more money and become a bigger phone company.

This commercial uses a exciting tone which connects with phone users and people who want no- contract phones.

Smore #3

Miley Cyrus enters rehab for crazy behavior

Well, this is just in, Miley Cyrus checks in to rehab for crazy behavior. Just yesterday, March 17, reporters caught her entering a rehab facility in Los Angeles, California, which later reporting, she actually checked herself in. Just last week, in an InTouch Magazine article, the pop star had sort of mentioned in a jokingly way that she was needed rehab, stating, “I actually thought about entering last week. At first I was in denial and just thought I was doing all the twerking and stickling out my tongue for show, but I actually feel it has taken over me and I really think it will get worse if I don’t get help soon.” Later on this week, her Father Billy Ray Cyrus had confirmed that his trouble daughter was indeed checking in to rehab by stating “that girl is not my daughter!” I want my old, human- like daughter back!” Do you think this is a good step for Miley to finally get help and act normal again? We sure hope it is and also hope she learns proper etiquette as well as good dancing.

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March of Washington

Today, we acknowledge the March on Washington. On how it was thankfully stopped and followed by the killing the evil leader of the march and the cause of the ridiculous civil rights of African Americans, we are here today to look back on the great heroes of our wonderful all- white country and the great leadership they had to end this catastrophe of trying to promote peace and equal rights for black and the great, good white people. On August 28, 1963, in the state capital, Washington, D.C., more than 250,000 people, evil African Americans and trader white people had showed up to the ashamed Lincoln Memorial to listen to their communist leader for the black people, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and during the speech, we had a group of great brave white people that yelled and protested that the evil leader would be forced to end his speech. From the words of the courageous white people that said “Black and White just isn’t right.” With the police also trying to sustain the crowd, a brave white male, unidentified started the extreme protest by running to the evil Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and swung a hit the reverend. Then the rest of the courageous white people started to do the same with the rest of the whole evil communist party. Thousands of blacks fled from the scene being hurt by the great white men and women of the group. Of course they our whites were outnumbered but later on getting more of great, intelligent white men and women to join in on the cause/ riot. After taking down the Dr. King, he was detrimentally injured. But this was a good thing because one we were able to see his wife, Coretta cry in fear and shock and also seeing the police take all of King’s followers and the man himself to jail. This was a great day for all white men, women and especially children around the world. Just imagine having those “monsters” around are children. Or around our women, we would have a world fully of mix breeds and trust me it wouldn’t be a pleasant site to witness. Just imagine if we had to actually sit down with these people at a restaurant or share the same bathroom or water fountains with these people. Or back to our great white little boys and girls having to share classrooms with these ignorant, dangerous, black faces. Where would are nation be if we didn’t wipe off Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the day of August 28? We would still have a communist living in this great nation of ours. But thanks to a great, a hero, a white man, James Earl Ray for on April 4, in 1968, years after the great ending of the March on Washington. Killing the evil, communist, black leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was rightfully assassinated. And now it being the year 2014, our great nation of dominantly and majority and minority of white people, we can truly look back on this event in our and the world’s history, we can have a big, huge white smile on our face!

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"This photo captures people waiting before the start of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech."

Entry #6

My response to 1984 is overall in think it is a very captivating book, almost to the point that it is scary. Orwell seems to have a had a look into the future while writing 1984, because he had touched on some points, even though he made them fictional, he had them to relate to almost things that could possibly be in the near future. And by him making this piece of “art” if you will, he is consider to be a great author. With his ideas, I think he had made semi- correct criticism with the modern world. For example, this is conformism, a slight relationship with newspeak, and etc. I just shows how the world we live in today has a sort of effect on the people who live in it, like when it comes to texting or social media, our people are making their own little language and it is becoming a(n)n epidemic. Now, if I had wrote 1984, I think I would have changed the ending. I was actually upset; bothered if you well by the fact that Winston goes from “this is not right” to “All hail BIG BROTHER!” I think a better ending that have been if Winston actually have defeated the party, not literally, but made them realize you can control most of us, but you can’t control all of us. But lastly, I think the overall message I have gotten from the book 1984 leads to the question “are we really ready for what the near future has in store for us?” “Like are we as whole, going to end up like the novel itself? “

Entry #7

By taking Media Literacy this year, I have learned a TON of new things in ways I never imagined! I learned how social media has huge effect on the world’s privacy and lives. How old English can be translated into things that represent certain things in our world today and how based of a book written in 1949, could show a realistic future that are world has yet to and will possibly see. From my past language arts classes, I can truly say maybe even most of my classes other than language arts have never related to our lives as much as media literacy has. I mean coming into this class, I have been so used to reading out of huge textbooks and some novels and having assignments, quizzes, and or testing on them but never actually doing assignments on things I and hear about on a see on a daily basis. We actually did a smore on the previous super bowl commercials day after the actual game happened! That to me was a very cool! I actually was doing an assignment on something I actually watched on my own time! Lastly, when it comes to actually thinking of how the media literacy class could be better, I can truly say I think there is absolutely anything I would do different. I think the class is very well balanced on the things we learn and plus very interactive with our lives as teenagers or just people in general. From my experience of having the pleasure of being in media literacy this year, I can truly say this is probably the first class that I really have enjoyed. Just because how much it is based around on things we know and learn about every day. And that is why I just want to say thank you Mr. Owen. I can truly say you are not just probably my favorite teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from, but you are a man/ teacher who really cares about his students; and because of that sir, I say thank you and I applaud you.