The Brain

Frontal Lobe Brain Damage

Frontal Lobe Damage

Your brain is divided into four portions. The Frontal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, and Parietal Lobe. In this circumstance the patient received damage to the Frontal Lobe of the Brain. The damage occurred when the individual was in a car accident. The patient hit their head off the steering wheel which caused a sever Brain injury and swelling on the to the Brain.

Functions Controlled by the Frontal Lobe

The frontal lobe of the Brain is responsible for the consciousness, initiation, judgement, emotional response, expressive language, word meaning, work association, and motor memory. This portion of the Brain is also responsible for long term memory retention. The frontal lobe helps one determine good from bad actions.

Behavioral Changes

Changes in ones emotion control, initiation, motivation, and inhibition. An intolerance for frustration and aggressive behavior is typical. There is also a tendency to have issues with completing multi stepped tasks.


After a Brain Injury occurs a series of tests are preformed and this determines how sever the damage is and what the possible treatments are. For Frontal Lobe Damage the patient is to seek therapy for learning strategies for curbing impulsive behavior and emotion regulation. Researchers are also testing Ritalin and other ADHD medication to see if the patient responds to the medication because the injuries are similar to those diagnosed with ADHD.

Freaquently Asked Questions

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