Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher

By: Mackenzie Cox

Job Description and Responsibilities

Family and Consumer Science Teachers teach a wide variety of subjects. These would include nutrition, finance, childcare, family relations, as well as home improvement care. This is a job in the Teaching career field, so responsibilities would include teaching, grading papers, and preparing the students for life outside of their schooling.

Education Requirements


If attending a community college, the individual will earn their Associates degree. For major colleges and universities, an individual may earn their bachelor’s or Graduate degree. A bachelor’s degree is the main source of education that would need to be obtained to get an entry level position in the FACS teaching field.

Ongoing Education:

Teachers must attend meetings and conferences to insure their lessons and curriculum is being met. If the teacher is an assistant, they will most likely be continuing their education at a college. For Teachers, many of their formal education is completed by the time they receive their teaching license.


The salary range for a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher would depend on many different factors. These would include where they received their education, where they would like to teach (Elementary, middle school, or High school), and what specific classes they would like to teach. The average salary for an Elementary level teacher is around $31,000-50,000. For a secondary/post secondary teacher, the average salary range would be from $35,000-59,000. With more work experience, the salary could range up to $68,400.

Workplace Environment

Working Conditions would include a classroom. The classroom could differ between which subjects in the FACS department is being taught. For cooking classes, the classroom would consist of a teaching area as well as kitchens for the students in the classroom. For fashion classes, the room would have sewing machines and tables. Some FACS departments may have each subject field in one classroom.

Job Satisfaction

Many individuals who are in this career field often find satisfaction through their students. They find it rewarding when the student learns somethings new, gets an answer right, or begins to develop confidence in themselves.

Skills Needed

Important skills that are needed for this job are active listening, speaking, problem solving, critical thinking, and being able to relate to the students. A few more include patience, adaptability, communication, leadership, and mentoring.

Opportunities for Advancement

Opportunities for advancement would include being promoted or getting a raise if the work completed has been done adequately.


  • Helping others learn and succeed
  • Changing styles and trends allows the teacher to learn and incorporate new ideas
  • Each year offers new challenges and excitement

Personality Traits Needed

If you are thinking about applying for a job in the teaching field, these are some traits needed:

  • Patience, Dependable, Caring, Encouraging, Optimistic, and Helpful.