Devastaion Strikes Pearl Harbor

By Jacob Scherer

The year the USS Arizonia Sinks to her Watery Grave

In the year of December 7, 1941 the USS Arizona is hit by two aerial bombs one went down the smoke stack the other blew up the forward magazine

The Number of People Who Lost There Live In The Attack

On the USS Arizona the casualties of the marines and sailors added up to 1177 crewmen the families of the crewmen still remember that awful day of infamy.

A Tragic Day

Jap planes filled the skies over Pearl Harbor. Planes had been strafed and ships hit with torpedoes some ships had turned over and some sank.

Pearl Harbor On Fire

With Pearl Harbor in gulfed in flames men who jumped from the sinking ships were covered in hot oil and had to be taken to the hospital those who didn't could stay and help with the rescuing of the trapped men inside the battleships.

What was happining In Roosevelts Office during The Attack

Pearl Harbor Music Video (What Ive Done)