Trevi Fountain

By Eve Irvin

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"Originally it was told that a thrist quenching glass of water from the Trevi Fountain would ensure good fortune and a fast return back to Rome. Over time the legend of the Trevi Fountain evolved to tossing a coin in to ensure a return to Rome."( The baroque masterpiece has received more than a quarter of a million tourists and 1,200 people an hour visit the Fountain. ( The beautiful Rome fountain has been a tourists stop since 1732 and stands striking in Rome today.

The Creation of the fountain

The Trevi fountain went through many architects and sculptress to be completed. Inspired by Pope Urban VII and sculpter Bernini in 1629. Architect Nicolas Savli started the foutain in 1732 but it was later on completed by another architect, Pietro Braci, in 1762.(aviewoncities) Although it took 30 years to build, it is now one of the most famous fountains in Rome. Also, the trevi fountain was originally created to bring freshwater into roman bathhouses by water aqueducts.

An Underground Water Aqueduct

The first reason for building the fountain was for a underground water aqueduct. A water aqueduct is a canal or passageway through which liquids pass. This was used to bring fresh water into roman bathhouses during 1st century BC.( water comes from Salone Springs, eight miles outside of the city, but the length of the aqueduct is about 14 miles.(usatoday) The Romans could have obtained their water from the river, wells, and springs, but these sources would have become polluted in a large city. ( Although now, the fountain is a tourists stop in Rome.

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Legend of tossing a coin into the fountains water is now having an affect on the fountain. After 282 years of the beautiful fountain, it is now being restored. This is because tourists are throwing the coins at the fountain's statues directly, and are putting the fountain at risk of being damaged. The restoration began on June 30, 2014, and it's expected to take a year. ( The total amount of money to restore the Trevi Fountain is 2 million. However, restoration is being paid by Frendi, the Italian fashion house.
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Therefore, it took 30 years to build the beautiful artwork known today as the Trevi Fountain. Without this fountain, Rome could lack a quarter of a million tourists who have come over the years to visit the marvelous fountain, and who have also thrown their coin into the fountain to ensure themselves a return to Rome.( The fountain that has stood tall for 282 years is still proudly representing Rome today.