Aurasma - Augmented Reality

ENG2: Engaging the Next Generation

What is Aurasma?

What if your classroom came alive just like the hallways in Harry Potter? Would your students be more engaged and ready to learn? Absolutely! Aurasma is changing the way we interact with the world. Turn everyday objects, images, and places into new opportunities for engagement through augmented reality experiences.

What can it do? Check this out!

How do I get it?

  1. Create an Aurasma account
  2. Create an Aura

    So fast and easy!
  3. Share your Aura

    With students and colleagues
  4. Download the Aurasma app

    To view and discover Auras

Two important words to remember!

Trigger - - A Trigger Image is a picture of the object that the iPad, iPod, or iPhone would scan to see an Aura. Trigger Images will not work without an Overlay

attach to it.

Overlays - An Overlay is the image, audio, video, or website that will appear on the iPad, iPod, or iPhone while using the Aurasma App. Overlays will not work without a

Trigger Image attached to it.

How can I use it in the classroom?

Click here for ideas!

What's in the App?

Big image

More Augmented Reality!

AR Flashcards Alphabet

  1. Download and print in color the Alphabet Flashcards from
  2. Download the AR Flashcards App from the Apple or Google Play store.
  3. Open the AR Flashcards App and press Get Started.
  4. Hover your device over a flashcard. Make sure you touch the image when it appears.

Ideas from Karen's Technology Locker:
-shuffle the flashcards and have students alphabetize them
-shuffle the cards, lay a limited number out, have students build beginning or ending sounds
-shuffle the cards, lay them out and have students spell their name (you may need two decks of cards)
-print two sets of cards and play memory
-count the legs of each animal
-identify the color of each animal
-identify the number of syllables in each animal word that is on the flashcard

The Dot (using Quiver)

  1. Download and print the Dot coloring page from the
  2. Download the Quiver App from the Apple or Google Play store.
  3. Have students color a picture related to your curriculum inside the Dot. Be careful not to color over the black outlines too much.
  4. Open the Quiver app and watch your picture come to life! Touch the purple circle to see more images.

Download the Quiver App.

The Cell (using Quiver)

Animal Cell by Quiver (formerly ColAR Mix). The Cell Coloring Page includes a quiz! The Plant Cell just became available!
Download the Quiver App.

Augmented Reality - Freedom Stories

The Augmented Reality Freedom Stories highlight the activities of the participants from the Underground Railroad. Download and print in color the Freedom Stories cards from the Harriet Tubman Institute. Hint - click on one of the cards to download the entire series in PDF format. The app can also be downloaded from this site or theiTunes store.

The Brain 3D Augmented Reality App

Use The Brain 3D App to explore the tissues, structures and areas of the brain by moving the device over the picture.

You can choose to view the mind in AR or switch to a 3D mode within the app. Use your fingers to rotate the image.