Wanted: Dracula and more!

Flyer by Trinitee Lucas 7th period

Innocent or.....All about Lucy Westerna!

Okay yes...God forbid I speak about the poor girl, may she rest in peace but...

EVERYONE loved Lucy. She was blonde, pure, and innocent which may be why the people were so drawn to her child like energy. In my opinion, since Mina was more like everyone's mother, then Lucy would be everyone's wife. I mean she was overheard saying she would marry all three of the men that proposed to her to save "all the trouble"...ugh. Anywho, what the discussion is.. what happened to Lucy? I heard through the grapevine that after she magically became well again..she also became more provocative. A source close to us said that she was more attractive than before and WAY more perverted, reported being seen gripping a child close to her chest? Almost as if she went through a demeaning change during her illness and completely lost all that innocence and precious vulnerability. Not a good way to go out Lucy!

The Blunt Sexism in our Victorian Times

Writing my previous article about the late Lucy Westerna got me thinking. Why is it that the men are allowed to be as promiscuous as they want while the women must be mother figures or pure, Christian women? There have been rumors that the smelly weirdo Count Dracula had quite a few female partners staying with him and that they were not even close to the Holy virgin Mary. Apparently, Johnathan Harker thought the three mystery ladies were 'voluptuous', but was repulsed by the fact he was attracted to them! The average Victorian women is both oppressed and dangerously dependent on the man of the house! Either having to always cook and clean, nurse the children that she might not even have wanted, and never being able to accurately express herself. It would be a shame if the women wanted to be as voluptuous as they wanted but are afraid of the fact that they will be labeled evil and their chance of being accepted in society tarnished indefinitely. It's okay girls,we'll find a way!
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Very Superstitious..

One would think that as gloomy and depressing Transylvania is, so would the people here.. However, the people are oddly religious and very superstitious. As a matter of fact, a source close to us says that when Johnathan Harker first arrived a poor old woman begged him to not stay with Count Dracula, when he insisted he had to she awarded him with a...crucifix? Another source claims that Van Helsing also laced Lucy's room with garlic and crucifixes on her death bed. Now that I think about it, aren't all these things related to vampires? What possesses someone to magically start thinking that vampires are a threat? I mean, they aren't even real! Or maybe they are, since the crucifix, garlic, and wafers that these people have been associated with, are known to defend against the evil eye. But who was the vampire?..... Dracula?

Good vs. Evil

So apparently, Johnathan Harker and friends were all fighting the pale man (thats rarely ever seen) Dracula. Sources aren't really sure why, but once again that vampire word pops up. So, I got to thinking. The people on Harker's team were all very genuine people. Being mother figures, leaders, or naive and hopeful Englishmen. Dracula being the sexual predator he is, and if he's really a vampire, maybe the 'biting' is just an odd metaphor for sex. Anywho, with team anti Dracula vs. Dracula you really get a good insight on good vs. evil. People who are not afraid to love one another and sacrifice themselves for another persons well being vs a being that is out to get revenge on pedestrians because of the fact that his bloodline no longer rules like they did in warlike times. What. A. Creep. I'm glad to know that there are still kind people out here in gloomy Transylvania, not at all sad to hear about the passing of Count Dracula though.
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